Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Meme about Me

So after the easy meme the wonderful Sally tagged me with a slightly (I mean much) harder one. The challenge is to show my personality by linking back to three old posts of mine.

'What' you say, 'easy'.

It would indeed be easy dear reader if I had written posts describing how clever, sexy and funny I am. No matter how many times I scroll through my old posts there is not one that shows me as either clever, funny or sexy so I guess I must try harder to find other personality traits.

Whilst trawling through the posts I discovered a few things, firstly I think my writing has vastly improved, now I'm not saying it's any good but it is much better than it was. Secondly, my life seems to revolve totally around my children with an odd social trip. This is not so, although I do concede that yes my children take up a large chunk of my life and I am very grateful that I can stay at home and spend lots of time with them. I have a very active life away from the house, sorry lads, I'm not about to regale you with tales of my other life as a pole dancer but I enjoy hobbies such as tennis, hockey and walking.

I play a lot of tennis, I pretty much grew up at the tennis club as my parents played a lot of tennis. I was coached by my Dad to play backhand so I could play doubles with my Mum, (she only played on the forehand side). I like to play tennis about four times a week both competitive and friendly. The reason I rarely mention it is because it would make boring reading, ie, 'I won today'; 'I won again today' oh look 'I won at tennis today' and maybe the odd 'I lost today'! I'm only thinking of you my dear reader and I think you'd run away from me in droves. The same goes for hockey, something I took up recently and is great fun but nothing write worthy has happened there.

I walk quite a bit with both family and friends but unless I go somewhere new and interesting and bring the camera (I often forget) it doesn't make for an interesting post. I also meet friends for coffee (or in my case tea) or sometimes in the evening for a drink with more substance, maybe even some dancing (if I'm lucky).

So back to the meme, from my trawl through my old posts I've decided that the following posts show my personality best. I love laughing, spending time with my family, chilling out and having fun, you can read about one such day here. With the children growing older and Joules working full time and studying part-time these days have become less frequent but all the more special and I look forward to our next outing.

Moving to Ireland over 12 years ago was probably the hardest thing I have ever done. Although I am not shy I find it impossible to walk up to people, introduce myself and start conversing in a witty manner. Although the Irish are perceived to be a friendly race it is not as simple as that. The Irish are indeed very social and friendly when they know you but it can be hard to get to know them because they are busy being friendly and social with their friends. Another Irish trait is their laid back attitude to life. This is a trait I have wholeheartedly embraced much to the chagrin of my mother but there are some things I hold dear and one of those is a difference between right and wrong and acting upon it. If someone is being treated with disrespect(myself included) or if I see a wrong I am very forthright in giving an opinion on their behaviour. I have been told that Irish bureaucracy has to be treated with care if you want a result but have found that my English values of right and wrong and persistence have got me the results others are still waiting for.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of my posts revolve around my children and my family. One of the reason I started this blog was to keep my family and friends in touch with my life, not just the big stuff like birthdays and holidays but the trivial, day to day stuff. I know Mum, Dad and Sam enjoy reading about family life and seeing the photographs of the children as they grow up; also that they will forgive my bad writing and grammatical errors. The main reason that I moved to Ireland was because Joules could earn enough money here for me not to have to go out to work therefore allowing me time to raise our children as we wanted. This post shows how hectic family life can be but I wouldn't swap it for the world.

So who would I like to know more about... hmmmm...I'm going to tag catwoman as I've only been reading her blog since Christmas and she has been blogging since 2004. That's one hell of a lot of backposts I'm not going to read so catwoman, if you accept the challenge, you can pick three for me to read.

PS. I was going to give Emma a rest but she loves memes so go ahead Emma consider yourself tagged!


ChrisB said...

Beccy great post you rose to the challenge as I knew you would.

Anonymous said...

Great read!!:))That's a tag well done!Good to know more about you Beccy!


Emma in Canada said...

What?? No tag?? I could cry!

Beccy said...

Thanks Mum.

I found this hard Asha so thanks for the compliment.

Oh Emma I'm just realising how MUCH you like tags, so I'll tag you as well!

sallywrites said...

Popped in from my week off to set up my blogroll and couldn't resist having a peep. (Back to rehab in a minute) Brilliant post Beccy. i think that looking back at Momo's one i changed the format slightly and pased the new format onto you - like chinese whispers. it works better our way though I think!! so look forward to Catwoman's one!


Anonymous said...

AAAAAH the pressure!!!! I'll work on this today and post this tomorrow...

Beccy said...

Sally you didn't wait long before giving in to temptation! I read both your and Momo's posts and tweaked it a bit. I agree about the Chinese whispers, as we're new to this we can get away with it!

Look forward to it catwoman.

Barbara said...

Great post Beccy.

random_mommy said...

I loved this post!! It's amazing how well you can 'know' people through a blog...
also, loved all the pictures of you from the earlier post!

Emma in Canada said...

Thanks Beccy...lots going on at home at moment but will do shortly.

Beccy said...

Thanks Barbara.

Random Mommy I thogut it was a bit rambly (is that a word) but I guess that's also like me!

No pressure Emma, whenever suits you.