Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Help, I've lost my horn!

I turn the corner and stop a good six feet away from the taxi which is stationary in the middle of the road.

I notice him reversing, not sure why and watch.

He continues to reverse, getting closer to my car so I thump down on the horn in the middle of my steering wheel.

No sound, not a squeak.

Mr taxi man is getting very close now so I thump down on the horn repeatedly.

No beep, nothing.

Brain kicks into gear as I remember my horn is in fact two dainty buttons to press on the edge of the steering wheel.

I look down and locate said buttons.

Simultaneously 'beep' 'crash'.

I really need to learn where my horn is!


enidd said...

ooo, errr. enid hopes you and the car were undamaged!

Anonymous said...

UGH! I'm so sorry! Why do they do that with horns on some cars???? Leave it in the middle of the steering wheel where it's been since the dawn of mankind! (or the 1930's whenever cars were invented).

Hopefully the damage is minimal. You'd think that stupid taxi driver would look BEHIND him before reversing! Moron!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your accident, or, rather, that taxi driver's accident! I hope you were not hurt, it sounds like just a fender bender. But how annoying for you, the insurance, the missing horn, etc. :) I agree with catwoman, why would they do that to a horn?! Will we have tires somewhere different soon, too!?
Also, I am thrilled to see a link to my blog (The Food Snob) on your blog! Thank you so much! At least I know there is one person in the world who reads me!

Beccy said...

Thanks Enid, the taxi was going very slowly and it looks like the only damage was to his car. I took his number just in case but he got my bumper and left some of his bumper on my paintwork!

I so agree catwoman, my natural reaction was to thump that horn shame it wasn't there to be thumped. Of course if he'd looked behind, as he should, it would never have happened.

Thanks for dropping by Lisa and keep up the blogging!

ChrisB said...

beccy was it a male driver, remember men can't multi-task so reversing and looking in the mirror would be just too much to expect.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh...hope it was minor damage to the car and none to you!

Steffi said...

Oh,I`m sorry !But good to hear that you are okay and "only" the damage was on the other car.

Unknown said...

Beccy, if i lost my horn i don`t know what the hell i`d do.

Barbara said...

Glad to hear you weren't hurt Beccy.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I hope you are okay.

Anonymous said...

Taxi driver really needs to learn where his rear view mirror is.
Or at least how to turn his head to look behind him.
Hope you're ok.

Asha said...

HAHAHA!!OOPS!! Sorry Beccy,I had to laugh!It was funny but I know you are alright because you are telling us about it!:)
Hope your car didn't suffer too much!
Hey,you should put some Neon stickers on those beepers so you can locate quickly next time!
Man!you are a accident prone girl,aren't you?!

Beccy said...

Mum, he was a man and a very nice man, very appologetic.

It was indeed slick, thankfully.

Thanks Steffi, I was gald that myself and my car came out unscathed.

LOL John, it's my natural instinct to go for the middle of my steering wheel.

Barbara as he was driving so slowly I knew the only damage would be to my car.

Thanks Karmyn, it was only a minor bang so I was fine.

Your're dead right Swampwitch, I just couldn't believe that he didn't see me and was reversing without looking.

Good idea Asha, only I didn't look down until I twigged my horn just wasn't goning to beep no matter how many times I thumped the middle and by then it was too late. Accident prone I am, although I was thinking I was getting better as I was getting older, maybe not...