Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Tale of a Bad Mother

Ben was off school today with a sore head and tummy. As I am an ogre of a mum, when my children are ill and missing school they have to stay in bed, they can read, draw, listen to music and play with toys but they are not allowed downstairs to watch television or play with the PlayStation. If they are too ill for school they're too ill for TV.

At about 2:15pm Ben felt better and fancied a bath so I ran him a deep, bubbly bath and pottered around while he played with Star Wars figures in the bath. The phone rang and I answered to a Mollie in tears, immediately I had visions of her having been abducted between the bus stop and house so I was very relieved to hear that she had fallen and couldn't walk. She told me she was at the corner and I said I was on my way. I had visions of her lying on the floor with a twisted, broken leg so shouted to Ben that Mollie had hurt herself, to stay in the bath (very wrong, I know) and I'd be back in two minutes.

I grabbed my keys and ran to the first corner, no Mollie; I ran on to the second corner, no Mollie; as I ran to the third corner I realised I should have driven. There was Mollie lying on the floor. I picked her up and we started heading for home slowly, all the time I was conscious of Ben home alone. I told Mollie I was going to get the car, ran home, checked on Ben and drove back around to Mollie. She is now lying on the sofa with an ice pack on her foot, (she tripped on her friends bag climbing off the bus), watching Grease. Ben didn't drown in the bath, phew!

So I have a sick Ben (who feels much better now), an injured Mollie and Dillon has just returned home with his face 'shredded' (his terminology). Apparently he was running and fell at school and scrapped his face along the concrete. Oh well they say bad things come in threes so hopefully we're due some good luck.


enidd said...

gosh, what a day! enid is glad it all turned out all right in the end. sometimes she thinks she's lucky living away from family and friends in a flat in molvania - the worst she has to face is boredom and soviet-style service.

ChrisB said...

Beccy Poor things give them my love. I hope Dillon's was an accident I would hate to think he is being bullied or anything. Has the suitcase gone!!!

Beccy said...

Hi Enid glad you visited, hope you liked your peppermint tea (metaphorically speaking)!

Mum, I did ask Dillon if a girl with nails scratched him but he explained in detail the concrete and how he fell, not pleasant.

Alas the suitcase remains where it was this morning. Prehaps I'll do a state of suitcase in my side bar to stop you asking!

Emma in Canada said...

Is the suitcase unpacked yet?
That sounds like quite the day! Liam always ends up perfectly fine on his sick days, it's reached the point where I send him sick. And the school is not allowed to call me unless he throws up, he's a great faker, and I'd have him home all the time if he had his own way!

Beccy said...

Emma, I admitted to Mum this morning the state of my suitcase, after she enquired whether I'd mended my dress. I had to confess that it was still in the suitcase which is on my bedroom floor.

Not sure if Ben was faking as he looked pale yesterday and wasn't his usual self. He was also up in the night going to the toilet but he doesn't remember it. Next time though I might send him to school and let them ring me if he is sick. This I do with the others and have only been rung twice.

Robin said...

Yikes! You're definitely due for a mommy break. I wouldn't call this a "Tale of a Bad Mother", we've all "been there and done that" (does that make us all bad moms? :) ).

Thanks for your kind words and visit to my blog. I'll be back when I have a bit more computer time.

(For now, I added you to my Bloglines).

Beccy said...

Thanks Robin, I think in fact that we're great mums and the title was tongue in cheek! and if Ben had been any younger I wouldn't have left him in the bath Mollie would have had to wait.

Asha said...

What a day!!It rains it pours,doesn't it?:)) Glad nothing serious happened and you all survived,again!!:D

sallywrites said...

Definitely not a bad mother. A good mother trying to juggle several balls - as we all do. And to be honest, Ben is gig enough to have a bath on his own. He's little, but he's not a baby. HAd you got him out first, you would have taken ages getting him dressed etc and Mollie would ahve been stuck on the corner.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow!!