Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Womble up your rubbish and put it in the bin!

I opened the cupboard door and there in front of me was a choice of four different cereals. My stomach rumbled in anticipation, as I had waited for the children to go to school and the hubby to work before I sat down to enjoy a quiet, leisurely breakfast.
I picked up my first choice and tipped up to pour into my bowl. Nothing. I peered into the box and there were a few crumbs in the bottom of the pack. That's OK I thought as I picked up cereal box number two and poured. Nothing, except a few crumbs. This was repeated with box numbers three and four. Why are my children incapable of throwing the cereal packet in the bin and the box in the recycling box, surely this is as easy as returning the empty box to the cupboard and it saves them trying to pour from empty boxes in the morning.


Barbara said...

At least they return them to the cupboard. Mine put the waterbottle back in the fridge without refilling it.

john.g. said...

Hi, Beccy, found you from Sally`s site, like the post , me 40 years ago! Where in the Emerald Isle are you? I spent many a time travelling there on business years ago...Beautiful place, but wet!

swampwitch said...

Oh, I am so glad to know someone else experiences the Empty Carton Syndrome. Empty cereal boxes, empty milk cartons, empty, crackers boxes...
To play a little one-ups-man-ship on you...why don't these obviously intelligent beings know how to hang a new roll of toilet paper? I don't care which way it hangs...just hang it !
Or, take the towels out of the dryer and perhaps folding them and putting them in the linen closet...at least throwing them close to the linen closet ?
Thanks for visiting. I think I've put you on the Fun Monday List. Will have to go check. Be sure to spread the word to all your readers. Should be a Fun Day.

Karmyn said...

HATE that -

The worst one for me is the margarine tub. If I had known it was empty, I'd have bought more at the store. There's nothing worse than dry toast.

Beccy said...

Barbara I wish they would throw the empty cartons in the bin and not return them to the cupboard and give me a false sense of what I do and don't have to eat or what I do or don't need to eat!

Hi John, thanks for swinging by. I'm living in Dublin and yes, it is very wet.

Swampwitch if only I'd known there was a name for this syndrome (it would have made a much better title). Another favourite in my house is putting empty juice cartons back in the fridge.

Karmyn I so agree with you about the dry toast.

ChrisB said...

I think its all been said. If you had all male offspring I could have said it is a man thing.

I am with swampwitch on 'hanging toilet rolls' and karmyn on 'marg tubs' I could add the ocassional empty milk container and sufficiently refilling the water filter jug after use.

Sam said...

Actually I disagree with
Karmyn - there is something worse than dry toast - I think I would prefer dry toast, to toast with margarine on it. A margarine tub wouldn't be caught dead in my house. nasty, processed, unnatural stuff. I would opt for butter or avocado on my toast in place of margarine, and if only margarine was available - well then I'd go for the dry toast (and I do and have done on many occasion and i quite like it).