Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Witty Wednesday

Mum has come up with the idea of Witty Wednesday where we share our jokes or other amusing tit bits so here is my first offering.

Mr. X posts could easily be filed under witty as he recounts funny and embarrassing incidents from his past. This post recounts his experience when he went to a performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and is very funny. He ended his post with a challenge for his readers to spill the beans and post pictures of them dressed as the opposite sex. So I've spilt my beans and here I am dressed as a little German boy in my lederhosen. I have to admit that I was not happy being dressed as a boy, it was for a ballet show and as I was tall I was always the first girl to have my gender swapped without being asked. Usually I'd grin and bear it but when I saw the costume I nearly cried (in fact I may have cried). I mean pretending to be a boy is one thing but wearing poohy brown, fake leather shorts with braces and knee high socks not to mention a green bow tie is not my idea of a graceful ballerina. I wanted to be in a tutu and if not then a pretty dress (as Sam was that year).
So onto my witty offering, John sent me this joke and it made me laugh, hope you enjoy it too!

The Irish candle!!

The Lass was Walking down O'Connell Street in Dublin when she met up with Father Flaherty. The Father said, "Top o'the mornin' to ye! Aren't ye Mrs. Donovan and didn't I marry ye and yer husband 2 years ago"?
She replied, "Aye, that ye did, Father".
The Father asked, "And be there any wee ones yet"?
She replied, "No, not yet, Father".
The Father said, "Well now, I'm going to Rome next week and I'll light a candle for ye and yer husband".
She replied, "Oh, thank ye, Father".
They then parted ways. Some years later they met again. The Father asked, "Well, now, Mrs. Donovan, how are ye these days"?
She replied, "Oh, very well, Father"!
The Father asked, "And tell me, have ye any wee ones yet"?
She replied, "Oh yes, Father! Three sets of twins and 4 singles, 10 in all"!
The Father said, "That's wonderful! How is yer loving husband doing"?
She replied, "E's gone to Rome to blow out yer fookin candle"!


ChrisB said...

beccy you were more than a little unhappy about that costume but you still managed a lovely smile for the camera (aah you were cute) and the costume was well made even if I say so myself.

I so nearly started with an Irish joke but glad I didn't. This had me LOL. very good.

Mr. X said...

Oh, very brave of you to post it - We're very impressed!

(and you look dead sweet as well)


Yvonne said...

Good to see that you got over your disapointment in time to beam for the camera! You look so cute.

Good joke too - I should really post one but I've been waiting for the builders since the crack of dawn this morning...grumble. But I'll read everyone else's!

Asha said...

You look cute in that despite the unhappy costume!:))

You and your mom both made me laugh today by your jokes!:D

Anonymous said...

I can always count on smiles, giggle, and laughs when I visit here. Today was no different.

Anonymous said...

I was such a tomboy that I always volunteered to wear the boy's costumes when there was a shortage of boys for dances, plays, whatever.

I'm sure a lot of the kids who grew up with me would be surprised to find out that I'm not a lesbian and that I really, really love cute shoes now!

And that joke made me spit coffee on my screen! too funny!!!!

frannie said...

your ballet teacher should be drawn and quartered! why on earth do little girls join ballet???? TO WEAR THE PRETTY COSTUMES!

you're still cute- even as a boy. and the joke is hilarious!

Pamela said...

I remember when that look was in style - I had my own pair.

sallywrites said...

Well you know how I feel about brown.......so can fully sympathise. You do look cute though!

Good joke!

Steffi said...

You looks so cute and funny in your costume!

Unknown said...

Glad that made you chuckle Beccy!!

Anonymous said...

At least you didn't have to stuff your lederhosen. As a girl I was very anti-dress - so I probably would have LOVED to have worn those.

Sam said...

i had my fair share of unromantic boyish costumes believe me

Anonymous said...

Great picture, and funny joke.

Beccy said...

Very well made Mum, now I wonder who made it!!!

You gave me the idea Mr.X and much preferable to one of me now in lederhosen!

Thanks Hellojed, I hope the builders weren't too late.

That was our aim Asha, glad it worked.

Ahhh Swampy you're so sweet.

Catwoman I was a bit of a tomboy but where ballet was concerned I WANTED TO WEAR A TUTU. My sister got to wear one twice but I only got to wear one once (at the age of 3, so I don't really remember it, hence my photo here)!

Frannie thank you for your kind words, will you be the torture master? I got my own back years later by beating her at tennis!

Picture please Pamela?

I actually like brown Sally, but a rich, deep brown not a poohy, fake leather brown.

Thanks Steffi.

Karmyn, I gather your Mum used to have a pair, maybe you could borrow them!

I know you did Sam but I was jealous of your two tutus.

Thanks Mark.

Anonymous said...

the brown leather shorts are kind of scary. i would have wanted a tutu too (say that ten times fast...tutu too, tutu too)

your joke is hilarious!

my4kids said...

Beccy love the costume really! You look so cute even if you were upset! I was to much of a tomboy I probably would have wanted the boy costume. I remember one year doing a nativity play and being upset because I was Mary instead of Joseph...I was weird though.
Love the joke by the way.

Anonymous said...

THAT was the best joke I've heard in a long time.

And you're beautiful no matter what you wear!

Beccy said...

Fake leather Nikki, which is even worse!

Terri as you see however much I hated the costume I loved having my photo taken.

Thanks Stephanie, you know how to make a girl feel good!

Sabrina said...

Great joke! Have never been dressed as a boy, but I was the runty one in my dance class so long ago. But I did have a soupbowl haircut for the first 8 or 9 years of my life, so was often mistaken for a boy. So sad for a little girl not to have pigtails!!!

Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

Dear beccy. Props to you. You win the LMM Bravery Award. It was brave of you to post that cross dressing picture he he. I have to point out that your mum said you 'were' cute? Chrisb! tsk tsk. PS loved the joke. I come from a good Irish Catholic family, lotsa kids...

Beccy said...

Well there's no mistaking you now Sabrina!

Little Miss Moi, I gratefully accept the LMM award for bravery. As I'm not known for my bravery it will take pride of place above all the other awards I've received. What's that? Did I hear you say what awards? Humph *walks away in disgust*!