Saturday, March 31, 2007

A pat on my back!

I'm a bit chuffed as I've just realised that this is my 200th post since little old me started blogging back in October 2006. Prior to this I had only read Sam and Dillon's blogs then Mum started blogging last September. When Mollie jumped on the blogging bandwagon I decided to follow suit as I didn't want to miss out. So here I am 200 posts and four and a half months later, Joules thinks I'm addicted and Mollie had been known to accuse me of liking the computer more than my daughter (attention seeking), in my defence I try to do most of my blogging over breakfast with short visits to my blogging friends in the afternoon and evenings if the computer and myself are free at the same time. I have lately concluded that I read enough blogs and that it is ok to read blogs and not comment on every single post I read. I have met (virtually) some really nice people and made friends even though I have never met any of you and probably never will. I also really appreciate all the comments and emails I have received.

This leads me on to revealing the pleasure I got when I read the following on Frannie's blog:

beccy of peppermint tea- Beccy is usually my first read of the day. She is an English lass living in Ireland and I imagine it is heavenly to listen to her accent. (not the pretend one in my head when I read her blog, though) Beccy has me think about food a lot, which happens to be one of my favorite subjects. I always want to be Suzy Homemaker, and Beccy seems really good at that type of stuff. Definitely one of my favorite bloggers. She also has me thinking about how much things cost in Dublin. oh, and cool trivia that she doesn't talk about much--- Bono is her neighbour. oooh- like how I did that with the accent??? did I even spell it the right way? (why do you people put up with me)

The beautiful Frannie (really, check out her photos, her son is the cutest baby) has awarded me with a
In accepting this award I have to follow these rules:

1. If you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3. Optional: Proudly display the Thinking Blogger Award with a link to the post that you wrote.

This meme has been making the rounds for a while and I know a lot of people who have been tagged so I am going to choose blogs that I don't think have been tagged.

1) Barbara of Winos and Foodies is one of my favourite food bloggers and has tempted me to make many of her recipes, my favourite being the blueberry breakfast bars. I met Barbara through Mum who Barbara found through Sam so she has been witness to our family way of expressing love through snide comments. It was this post of Barbara's that stopped me in my tracks, I knew Barbara had been ill before but wasn't expecting to read this and it was the first time I really worried about a person I had never met before.

2) Sabrina is an American currently living in Cork writing about her Adventures in pregnancy, home abroad, dogs and knitting; two Texans tackle life in Cork, Ireland. I stumbled upon Sabrina during a Fun Monday and have avidly reading her posts as she settles into Irish life. One post about the death of a former student of Sabrina's touched a nerve for me, as my children are fast growing up I have to give them freedom yet I know I will worry about them.

3) Over at Dreaming What Ifs... you'll find Karmyn. I never know what to expect with Karmyn, one day it could be a picture of her aged by about 1,000 years (sorry Karmyn but it was rather gross), the next she'll be tackling a serious issue such as child abduction and in between she'll hunt out golden syrup to make flapjacks.

4) Little Miss Moi is an Australian living in foreign climes and writes about life with her Mr Moi at Nezalehnosti. Kyiv. Ukraine. Miss Moi's posts are both amusing and informative and she has introduced me to the trials and tribulations of living in the Ukraine.

5) For my last nomination I am going to choose Emma who writes about A day in the life of a mum to 4, sometimes I hold it together, sometimes...not so much. What Emma writes is raw, straight from the heart stuff. She'll tell you how she is feeling, how her children are, what is annoying or upsetting her or her opinions on other blogs. Emma is refreshing to read and one blogging friend (of many) I would love to meet.

If I've nominated you for this award consider yourself tagged only if you want to accept the challenge.


ChrisB said...

beccy once again I am pipped at the post I think you have chosen great blogger for your award. I haven't done mine yet I'm leaving it until after fun monday. I'm off to see how many posts I've done I never think to look. have a good weekend no doubt we will speak (I skype envy)

ChrisB said...

I seem to have missed out a couple of words ( I blame it on the key board bad workman etc) and letters but you get my drift I'm sure ( bloggers- I have skype envy) xx

Sidetracked Home Executive said...

Congratulations on your 200th post Beccy!!

Barbara said...

Congrats on your 200 posts Beccy. I'm honoured to be considered as one who has made you think. I have been fortunate to experience wonderful love and support from bloggers all over the world throughout my illness. I really enjoy the cyber friendships that have developed and I have been fortunate to actually meet some of the people I've met online.

Yvonne said...

Congrats Beccy, on the 200th post and the award. Hope you're doing something nice to celebrate...

frannie said...

I just went to check how many I had done and I missed my 100th postiversary- oh, well.

Congrats on 200!!! I love every word!

Unknown said...

Funny thing that! I didn't realise that Dublin was a day in front of us in blighty.

Girl con Queso said...

200 posts in 4 and a half months! Wow! That is impressive. Congrats on the posts and the award. Glad you're here.

Pamela said...

Karmyn has to be good - I raised her.

I've bloglined you, too miss beccy... so I look for my cup of tea every morning.

Emma in Canada said...

Aw thanks Beccy. I will do some thinking over the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow -thanks so much for the tag. It is true - my blog is pretty much all over the place, isn't it? hee hee

And congrats on the 200th post - YEAH - it is rather addicting, isn't it.

Steffi said...

Congratulations to your 200th post Beccy!I enjoy always to read in your blog.Frannie´s blog I love too!It´s really nice to have some blog-friends around the world!

Beccy said...

Mum do I win a pipping award?

Thanks Sam.

Barbara thank you for your kind words, you are very lucky to have met some people.

Never thought of that Hellojed, welcome.

Frannie, hard luck missing your 100th post, I missed mine as well!

John, I stuck that in to test you!!!!

Thanks Girl con queso, I'm glad to be here.

Pamela, I congratulate you!

Your welcome Emma, I look forward to reading your post.

Karmyn, that's why I love it.

I quite agree with you Steffi.

Sam said...

well done beccy - you caused me to check mine and i noticed that in about a month or so I should be at my 1000th post, maybe just in time for my blogiversary in May.

In about 3 weeks time I should probably get my millionth visitor too. I am currently at 962,000

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed visiting your site for the first time. Congtatulations on your award and thankd gor your kind words to me.i

Mr. X said...

Well blogged!
let's have another 200...

Beccy said...

Wow Sa, a million visitors, 1,00th post, that's fantastic.

Thanks Lynn and Mr X.

Anonymous said...

congratulations beccy! you brighten up enidd's mornings in molvania too, as does little miss moi - enidd's hoping she'll be back to blogging soon.

Beccy said...

Enidd I too am looking forward to miss moi's return to blogging.

sallywrites said...


200 posts!!

I am MUCH slower than you!!

Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

Dear beccy. Talk about finally getting round to it! I have been a bit off the face of the earth lately - well, I guess I was literally 65000 feet up in the air or however high those scary things fly.

I shall accept your tag challenge with honour. And hopefully, swiftness.