Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tying up some loose ends.

Thursday morning sees us heading off to Dublin airport on our way to France. Once there a swimming pool, tennis court and hot sunny weather awaits us and blogging will be far from my mind so I thought I had better complete some memes I had been tagged with.

Holler at Tinned Tomatoes who posts the most delicious recipes, tagged me to reveal seven random foodie facts, so here goes:

1) I didn't eat meat for eight years. It was bacon that got me back onto meat.

2) I love liver, onions and bacon but never cook it because the rest of my family don't.

3) I didn't try garlic until I was 18 and now it's a firm favourite. How could I have gone without for so many years.

4) As a baby Ben ate everything, now he could possibly win an award for world's fussiest eater. He eats practically the same thing every day, luckily for me it includes lots of fruit and raw vegetables but I would love him to eat the same as the rest of us.

5) In a restaurant I would nearly always choose a fish dish. I love fresh fish but rarely cook it because the rest of my family don't.

6) I wish I had enough money to shop in the farmers markets and eat organically but my weekly budget will not stretch that far. I do feel bad that I may be feeding my children polluted fruit and vegetables but I do my best.

7) I would love to eat out more. We only eat out a few times a year due to limited budget. This is a luxury I look forward to when the children have left home.

Steffi, who creates the most beautiful clothes, tagged me to reveal seven things about myself. As I have done a lot of memes about me I thought I would reveal seven things about my family.

1) Last Wednesday Joules completed his degree in Electronic Engineering. He has been working on this part time (whilst holding down a full time job) for five years. They have been a long five years.

2) Dillon was born two weeks early and I only found out I was pregnant at 12 weeks. Mollie I knew about from conception to birth and she was born two weeks late. My pregnancy with Mollie felt very, very, very, very long.

3) Mollie loves soccer and supports Manchester United. The rest of us have no interest in the game.

4) Ben, despite trying to prove otherwise with his grown up, heavily influenced by his older brother ways, loves cuddly toys. He has as many as Mollie. He can't go into the Teddy Bear Factory without buying a toy (if he has enough money).

5) When Joules and I first met he said he'd never again live in Ireland, I said I'd eventually settle in the UK somewhere. Thirteen years later I'm still here in Ireland!

6) Dillon hates school and would love to leave so he can start making his millions.

7) If I had stayed in the UK I would be a teacher. Unfortunately you need to speak Irish to teach primary school children here. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.

As I'm away and won't be around to read them I'm not tagging anyone but if you'd like to take up the challenge of these memes go ahead.

Dillon has just set up a photograph blog. He loves taking photographs so if you want to see his shots just click here.


willowtree said...

Funny thing, a very good friend of mine was a vegetarian when I first met her 20 years ago, since then she has moved on to become a vegan, but she says that the smell of bacon frying still gets her every time.

Deborah said...

Beccy - Apart from the liver thing (eeeewwww!) I could have written your first meme! I was vegetarian for about four years and bacon brought me back and I am forever thankful!

Don't worry about the veg and fruit - sure didn't we all grow up on the polluted kind and we turned out grand... or did we? ;-)

Have a lovely holiday! Can't wait to see pictures!

Barbara said...

I was a vegetarian for about 4 years. The day I decided to quit I waited outside for MacDonalds to open and then I bought a Big Mac. Have a wonderful time in France. I looked at Dillons pics - great and I look forward to his impressions of France.

EmBee said...

Please would you tell Dillon that I cannot leave a note on his photo's but that I think they are fine, and that surely is some kind of motor. In these days of miniturisation we can sometimes forget what a powerful motor used to look like. Best wishes and have a lovely holiday all of you.

Asha said...

I see you don't eat or cook LOT of things b'cause your family doesn't!!Not fair,isn't it?
But I do cook just for me if I love something when the family is away!;D
Non fussy kids are God sent!!

frannie said...

I love the post! very interesting.

I'll miss you while you are gone! and I don't believe you for a second that blogging will be far from your mind! :)

Have so much fun and be safe! No moped rides! :)

Emma in Canada said...

I agree with Frannie. I think you'll be saying "Oh, I would love to blog about this." Well, I would anyway!

I wouldn't have thought you would have needed Irish to teach, do they not just take one Irish language class or is every subject taught in Irish? If they insisted that every teacher over here spoke both national languages (French and English) there would be a serious shortage of teachers.

Steffi said...

I wish you and your family wonderful holidays in France!You received my e-mail?

Beccy said...

WT, I used to dream about bacon and a friend of mine dreamed about me eating bacon!

Deborah, I'm not sure as much pesticide was used when we were young. My parents had allotments so a lot of our veg was homegrown and very fresh.

Barbara give me bacon over a big mac any day!

I've forwarded your message dad. Hope you enjoy your little trip as well.

Asha, if I've no one to cook for I take a day off.

Frannie I'm not planning a to hire a moped!

Emma, I'm sure I'll have plenty to blog about when I get home.

Beccy said...

Steffi, I didn't receive your email, I hope it wasn't anything important.

Sam said...

oh its a tough life. I wish I could have a proper holidat like that.

john.g. said...

Beccy, have a lovely holiday, look forward to the write-up and pics. xx

Kila said...

Have a wonderful trip!

We also eat out very seldom.

And like you I am always worried that I'm not feeding my kids the very healthiest food available.

Congratualtions to Joules!

Dillon was just like my middle son--I found out I was pregnant when I was 12 weeks along and he arrived two weeks early.

Dillon is off to a good start with his photos!

Stephanie said...

You ARE a teacher!! You teach me new things all the time!

Oh, and about the tag on Mama Drama: do it when you can, and have a lovely vacation!

Amy W said...

Have a great vacation!!

Little Miss Moi said...

Dear beccy. YOu're like my mum - she loves lambs fry with the bacon and whole shebang. Eee-yew. I got stuck with liver (I guess pork or beef, as lamb doesn't exist here) at a restaurant once and I felt sick for the rest of the afternoon (ah the way the mind works). And you know, since I really fell in love with cooking about four years ago, I choose cooking up a wonderful night in for friends or just Mr Moi, than eating out. Even if I don't have a dishwasher!

my4kids said...

I could never be a vegetarian. I love meat to much. I know bad person I am. Liver though? Eeewww! If that was my only meat choice I would probably be a vegetarian!
Congratulations to Joules!
I knew I was pregnant with all of my kids from conception as I celebrated by throwing up the next day pretty much! Izzaks was the longes because he was 2 weeks late the rest were early with Joshua of course the shortest.
I checked out Dillons pics he is a very good photographer.

Christine said...

That's how it is at our house my husband and I love liver and onions, but the kids don't. I know the feeling. As sad as I'll be when they leave home, I'll breathe a sigh of relief.
Josh is like that too, my husband and the rest of the family except Great-Grandpa are the sports fans, the rest of us aren't.
Congrats to Joules!!That is very hard work.
You are one lucky girl, Have a fantastic time in France!

Beccy said...

Sam, you've had loads of lovely holidays and weekend breaks.

Thanks John, I hope the weather is good for us.

Kila, I would love to eat out more but it is so expensive here.

Stephanie you are so sweet but I'm not sure what I teach you.

Emma, I meant to say earlier that all primary school children are taught Irish (suposedly an hour a day) and they have the same teacher all day unlike secondary school where the teachers specialise in a subject. So to teach under 12's you need a qualification in Irish.

Thanks Amy.

LMM I seem to be quite like your mum, I really hope that I don't have to give up tennis like she did. I like entertaining too but eating out is stress free and no washing up!

Terri, could you not manage a bit of liver with onions, bacon and a nice tasty gravy? Mmmmm delicious.

Christine sounds like you'd be easy to feed if you came to dinner.

meeso said...

Thank you so much for your friendly comments!!!

Lynne said...

Have a great vacation, Beccy.I was once a vegetarian also-don't remember exactly what made me fall from grace, most likely it was a cheeseburger!

Pamela said...

bacon is a tough one -- but it's alot like coffee

the smell is always the best part.

I'm nearly a vegetarian... NOT A VEGAN. I can't get along without yogurt and cheese.

Does this mean I can come to France, too??

Sally Lomax said...

That's really interesting Beccy. I think the fourteen week shorter pregnancy for Dillon is funny! Actually funnily enough i didn't find out that I was pregnant with Tink Mush unitl 11 weeks. i sort of knew - being hte fifth, but the medics siad that it couldn't be, so it wasn't actually admitted until shown on a can at 11 weeks.

So many poeple change from being vegetarians because of bacon!

I too love fish in restaurants, rare as the experience is for us too at the moment!

And what a nuisance about not being able to teach in an Irish school because of the irish - or lack of. While you still have young children at home, why don't you learn Irish and then you could teach later?

Good blog!! Have a great holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CPA Mom said...

such talent your entire family has. I'm in awe.

bacon is what keeps me NOT a vegetarian. It's practically a food group here in the South (of USA).

Have fun on your vacation! I wish I was with you. I would love to see more of France.

enidd said...

enidd was a vegetarian for ten years (luckily during the bse years) and bacon sandwiches were a bit part in her downfall.