Tuesday, March 06, 2007

March Madness: The Result

Thank you for all the your entries to the riddle competition. I think I made it too easy as the answer was guessed straight away, congratulations Sally.

Judging the funny entries was much harder so I bottled out and appointed a judge in the form of Dillon my 13 year old son. He has a great sense of humour, a love of the English language and doesn't know any of the entrants so was very well qualified...well I thought so at least.

After much deliberation he handed me the following list: Cookiecrumb, John and Purpleworms. As I am so generous (nothing to do with not being able to shorten the list myself) I have decided you all derserve a prize so Sally, Cookiecrumb, John and Purpleworms please email me your postal address (click on 'view my complete profile' to find my email address) and soon you will find a package winging it's way to you containing a piece of quality Irish tat.


ChrisB said...

Congratulations to the winners and of course I know you will be eagerly awaiting your prizes!!!

ChrisB said...

PS just in case you aren't aware meant to say your 'fun mon' logo has disappeared from yesterday's posts.

Asha said...

WOW!! Sally is good!!:))

Beccy said...

I know Mum, I'm waiting to ask Dillon.

I know Asha, I couldn't believe it when she got it right straight away.

Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

Dear beccy. In the end I was too intimidated because riddles scare moi.

cookiecrumb said...

I'm so flattered. But, how could a kid not like a rhyme with a puppy in it? So I cheated. Please, Beccy, don't go to the trouble of sending me anything. It was fun, all by itself.

sallywrites said...

Oh wow!! I have genuinely won a competition!! Irish tat???

Thanks Beccy!!

Beccy said...

I'm suprised anything scares you little miss moi!

You cheated Cookiecrumb, tsk, tsk. We don't care, the rules didn't say you weren't allowed to cheat!

It we can't tempt you with fine Irish tat then nothing will tempt you!!!

Well done Sally, you were very quick off the mark! You must send me your address.

cookiecrumb said...

Well, I don't know what tat is. I'm frightened.

Beccy said...

'Tat' Cookiecrumb is sarcasm for good quality, well made, extremely tasteful Irish goods.

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, right. Are we talking Belleek?

Beccy said...

Ha ha Cookiecrumb.

Adopting a very sarcastic voice, 'we are talking much higher quality than Belleek, much brighter colours, incredibly Irish'.

P.S. I do have a 'lovely' Belleek vase I won that would willing love a new home where it would be loved and cared for. It is currently lurking at the back of a cupboard unloved and unused!