Thursday, March 01, 2007

March Madness

A pinch and a punch
The first of the month.

A slap in the eye
For being so sly.

Happy March, the first day of spring. Officially here in Ireland spring starts in February but I just don't buy it, we're more likely to get snow in February, snow equals winter! Then there's August, definitely summer, slap bang in the middle of the summer holidays and the Irish call August autumn, purlease!

To commemorate March Madness I am hosting a competition. I was so excited when I came second in a recent caption competition hosted by Swampwitch that I decided it was time for an Irish themed competition. Of course this is the month when all those worldwide celebrate their Irishness, be it their great, great grandparents emigrating from Ireland back in the days of the famine to their neighbours aunties dogs brothers owners dad having supped a pint of the black stuff here once.

I have searched and scoured the shops of Ireland to bring you prizes of the highest quality so you need to get your thinking caps on.

Today's competition requires you to solve this Irish riddle:

I washed my face in water
That was never rained or run
I dried it with a towel
That was neither wove nor spun.

There is a prize for the first correct answer and the funniest answer so get those thinking caps on. The deadline for this competition is midnight on Sunday my time.


ChrisB said...

good one beccy I'm no good at riddles and in any case I expect family can't enter so that lets me off.

Beccy said...

I've no objection to family entering, I'm sure you want some Irish tat of the highest quality.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the second part was-"and here is a kick for being so quick, where did your bit come from.
Glad you are feeling well enough to post, I woke up this morning [cue for song]with a sore throat and although it is not bda it has not gone yet. we will see. Love

sallywrites said...

Hi Beccy!

Wash face in the dew and dry it in the sun?

Beccy said...

I've been saying that way as longs as I remember but maybe the kick for being quick was in the middle as it does ring some bells!

Hope you don't go down with the dreaded lurgy Dad.

No guesses?

frannie said...

I will guess Nature?

as in the dew and sun that sally said earlier

frannie said...

so glad you are feeling up to posting today!

Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

dear beccy. A hit and a kick for being so quick! Oh darn, MB's already said it.

As for the riddle... Hmmm... Do we have to email official entries to you, or leave in comments?

Asha said...

Our spring starts in mid April!! Enjoy the first day and the rest.
You are feeling better already,enough to throw us a riddle!;D

I am with your mum,not good at riddles at all!!Sorry.

M@ said...

Looking across the land,
I wiped my tears
and quelled my fears
with the back of my hand.

Okay, I'm only half Irish.

Beccy said...

LMM either comment or email I don't mind.

Thanks Frannie, I'm feeling a bit better but I'm all achy today.

Thanks Asha.

Hey Matt which half of you is Irish?

Unknown said...

A Guinness bar towel?

AfKaP said...

I washed my face in tears,
which from my eyes have sprung.
And then to hide my fears,
I dried them with my tongue!

(I just saw Matt's response. I fear we think alike but he has better manners! I'm 1/16 Irish. ;-)

cookiecrumb said...

With great big sloppy kisses,
My puppy licked my chin.
I rubbed my face upon his fur,
And dried my happy grin.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't rhyme for anything. You guys are good!

I will guess the Blarney Stone, because I have no clue, and I've heard locals P*** on it (the water) so tourists will kiss it! Then it dries itself in the sun.

I also can't figure out rhymes!

Anonymous said...

First I'm laughing at Cookie Crumb's comment about Matt - he has better manners? Hee hee - he doesn't know Matt. (sorry, buddy - but its the truth).

My response is; Tears and I tried it with my hair.

I think I might have a little bit of Irish in me somewhere - truth is, I'm what we call "Heinz 57" - a little bit of EVERYTHING.

Barbara said...

I'm hopeless at riddles. I'm1/4 Irish. My Fathers family emigrated to Australia in the 1800's.

Anonymous said...

As you know, I'm away from home without a cornpooter of my own...just dropped in for a second or two to send a special hug to you.
I think your competition is great,just wish I had the time to participate...
Having fun with my 21 month old granddaughter.
As soon as I arrive home, will get your prize off to you in the mail, maybe even sooner.
Kat aka: Swampy

~ej said...

i'm hopeless at riddles, but i am one half irish! ;-)
i have a guess but i know i'm wrong and i'm too shy to be wrong in public ;)

Beccy said...

There are some great guesses here guys, thank you for paticipating. I think judging will be harder than I realised and will have to recruit a judge!

Kila said...

Your little brother peed on you, and then you wiped off on the grass?

That's my guess; can you tell I have little boys?

Bones said...

you got crossed, sprayed with holy water, then you dried it off on the smoke from the insense?


enidd said...

happy march! enid's with karmyn on this one - tears and hair.

M@ said...

The lower half of me is Polish. :P)

AfKaP said...

Hi, Beccy,
Sorry about using your name in vain! (Got your Mom's name in the right place now!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I'm too slow - I see you've already got the correct answer, and I'm not feeling creative to come up with a witty one. Happy March... but it's far from Spring over here.