Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday's Feast

It's time for another Friday Feast. For more information or to sign up for Friday's feast look here.


Who is your favourite news anchor/reporter? Why?

Not sure I have a favourite. I tend to watch the UK news (on the BBC of course) as I find it more interesting than the Irish news and England is my motherland!


Name 3 foods that are currently in your freezer.

Fish fingers (served in fresh white bread with butter and tomato ketchup is my decadence); parmesan cheese (I use a lot of it grated in recipes and someone told me to buy it in huge blocks to save money and store it in the freezer, it works for me) and homemade chicken stock (the best part of roasting a chicken is the lovely stock you can make).


If you were to have the opportunity to name a new town or city, what would you call it?

Haven't got a clue. I supose it depends on the country this new town was in. If it was in Ireland how about something like Bunford.

Main Course

What will most likely be the next book you read?

Don't know, my book club is meeting next week so will find out then.


What's the first thing you notice about the opposite gender?

Truthfully height, hair and body shape. I like them tall, skinny and dark haired. Although of course I never judge any one on their looks but would spend time getting to know their personality etc etc...


ChrisB said...

Interesting I didn't realise you kept parmesan in your freezer. I'm glad you don't judge [dessert} (book) by the cover as it often proves disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Fish Finger butties are the tastiest things! They are so tempting, I can't cook fish fingers for anyone without having to cook a couple for me and having a quick sarnie. mmmmm.

frannie said...

I liked reading this... you must tell me about the parm cheese. How do you freeze it? We eat a lot of it and have a hard time keeping it from going bad. By the time we are at the end, it has turned hard. We only buy 8 oz (sorry, can't convert!) wedges and then wrap them in parchment paper and then tightly in foil and then in a ziplock. You must spill your secrets!

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% about the chicken and stock.
I seem to have a hard time with the cheese, no matter how well I wrap it it seems to not be good by the time I finish it. I think it may be my freezer.

enidd said...

enidd loves fish finger butties too. yumscalot! and you're right about chicken stock too. we can't even get the fresh stock in molvania, so we have to make our own.

Beccy said...

Mum I gave you this tip a while back when you were testing out your parmesan grater.

Fatman after writing this post I had a fishfinger buttie for lunch, delicious.

Frannie I just bung it in the freezer in it's plastic wrap and it seems to keep. As it has been frozen as opposed to chilled I grate it with an electric grater, it's too hard to grate by hand when frozen. What I don't need gets put back in the freezer.

Lisa that's what happened to my cheese when I chilled it in the fridge so noe I freeze it and it lasts much better.

Nothing beats homemade stock Enidd.

M@ said...

So the news this past week was that geneticists say the Irish, English and Scotts are all really just one people after all. Interesting.

Beccy said...

Matt I don't think the Irish, English and Scottish would agree with you!

Asha said...

Fish fingers!! Yummy!!

Good for you that you don't judge men or anybody on their looks alone! Most beautiful looking people are crappy!;P

I don't think English,Scottish and Irish are the same.they are sooo different in every way!I lived in England for 5yrs.As an "outsider",I can tell they are very different, in my opinion.

Steffi said...

Just I thought what are fish fingers...Yes,they are very delicious.Unfortunately my kids don´t like eat fish very much.

Anonymous said...

What are fish fingers? Are they are tasty as fish toes? Do they go well with tartar sauce or lemon?

ChrisB said...

beccy I do have parmesan in the freezer but I also have a chunk in the fridge in zip lock bag that we used only today and its fine its been there since xmas and has an April date

Tonya said...

eeek can't do the fish. If I had to eat it I could stomach the fish fingers but would rather not eat any seafood at all!! Everyone else here at the house likes them though.. lol

frannie said...

I just noticed your mood today is sad... everything ok?

Emma in Canada said...

I'm echoing Frannie's last comment. Hope all is okay. I just caught up after a week or so away from the computer, I will try to get to that meme soon! Emma

my4kids said...

On the first one I don't have a favorite new anchor. I don't like watching the news, to depressing.
And on to the cheese. It doesn't last long enough around here to worry about freezing it. We eat way to much of it and it is my weightloss downfall. LOVE THE CHEESE!
Also we like fish fingers to but don't buy them to often, not sure why.

Beccy said...

Glad you agree with me Asha.

Steffi my husband hates fish and Dillon isn't that keen on it but the rest of us love fish.

LOL Swampy, I think they go best with tomato ketchup.

Why some in the fridge and some in the freezer Mum?

Tonya, you'd get on well with my husband then!

Frannie and Emma, you're both sweet to notice, I'm fine I was hoping to go to London for two days in June to see my sister who will be there for a few days. Unfortunately when I was costing the trip it was €1600 for me and the children (€800 for the flights alone)so I'm sad I won't see her but we're going to get a web cam so we can see each other that way!

Terri I really think I need to wean myself off cheese before this summer!

frannie said...

I would be sad, too! I know you miss her so much and would love to get to see her. I am so sorry that it didn't work out. If she has a video camera, have her tape herself doing fun things in London to send to you. And you can tape you and the kids doing stuff around Dublin for her. I know it isn't like being there, but better than nothing.