Thursday, March 22, 2007


Help, my Picasa photo's keep disappearing, I've spent hours reloading them and some have gone again. Oh photos and collages have you gone to picture heaven? Come back please.

Anyway I've so long flaffing with them I've very little time to post but there are a few things I want to mention.

Firstly many of you may have seen this at Marnie's or read about it at Mum's but if you haven't please watch this clip.

We've been making cards for Shane and I'm going to ask Mollie and Ben's school if all the pupils can make cards during art to send. Please find time to send a card to Shane, ask family and friends to and spread the word. Here is his address:

Shane Bernier

P.O. Box 484

Lancaster, Ontario

K0C 1N0


The challenge has been posted for next weeks Fun Monday so head over to Tristan to read about the challenge and sign up if you're game.


ChrisB said...

beccy dad and I have sent ours and dad has been getting people at work to send. That's a good idea to get the school to participate.

frannie said...

I'll send one!

john.g. said...

Try Adobe photo shop, it`s good.

Asha said...

I will too Beccy. or Flickr to store photos!!

my4kids said...

Watching this made me tear up Beccy. I don't know if you have noticed on my side bar there is a link to a site called courage4kennedy and her picture below. She also has ALL and she is a friend of Madisons (her mom is my friend also) who is 6. So kids with ALL are close to my heart. I will send him one to.

Steffi said...

I will send one too!

Beccy said...

That's what I thought Mum.

Thanks Frannie.

We have a photoshop John but I can't make the collages!

Thanks Asha.

Terri I had a look at that link a few days ago. I didn't realise you knew Kennedy and her Mum, they are also in my thoughts.

Thanks Steffi.

my4kids said...

Yes Beccy, I know Kennedy and her mom. I have been around for this stuff and it has been hard on everyone. Hard to think that my kids have known a child their age that almost died. She is only 6 weeks older then Maddie and it is really hard not to see Madison in her as they are very much alike in personalitys. I will definetly be sending a card though. I may write more of a post about her sometime.

swampwitch said...

Thanks Beccy !