Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Snow and Fire

Those of you who posted beautiful photographs of snow on the first Fun Monday will have read my comments which would have been something like 'you are sooo lucky, my six year old doesn't remember snow'. Well today it snowed for all of about 20 minutes. It was beautiful and melted within an hour of falling but we all got very excited. Mollie and Ben were allowed out at school to play in the snow even though there was not enough snow to make a snowball! All you people who live in snowier climates probably think we're mad but we got excited about the amount of snow you see in the photo above.

Yesterday was the birthday of the other member of the svelte skinnies club so we had a birthday outing to Avocoa that place of the yummy food, gorgeous clothes, sparkling jewellery, groovy children's stuff, sumptuous smellies and all sorts of knick knacks that you never knew you needed. After our tea/coffee and scone we wandered around the shop and ended up at the reduced section. I had a good nose around looking for a bargain when I saw a bag full of candles, lotions and potions. The first thing I pulled out was a bar of soap reduced from....hold on to your seats....€33 to €20. Now I don't know about you reader/s but I was shocked in fact the word Sally used was speechless. Who would spend €20 yet alone €33 on a bar of soap that neither looked or smelt special and didn't offer any amazing results like 'wash your face in this soap twice a day and look 20 years younger in a week'?

After the snow two hours earlier we were surprised to see a fire on the little sugarloaf on our way home and I quickly jumped out of the car to snap it with my phone. We were not sure whether it was started on purpose to clear the gorse or whether the sun was strong enough to set it alight naturally.


mark said...

lovely snow. It's not how much snow you have, it's how much you love it.

Asha said...

We had more snow than that Beccy and we are in the south!:)
Beautiful contrast,snow and fire!

Karmyn said...

That is one expensive bar of soap. Kind of similar to buying a tanktop t-shirt for $60 when you can guy a really crappy one for $12 at another store.

Whenever I see stuff like that I say, "Who buys this stuff?"

cookiecrumb said...

Snow... and fire.
Isn't the world an amazing place?
Hope we can hang onto it for a few more generations.

Emma in Canada said...

Yeah, that's not much snow. It has done nothing but snow for 2 days here. It's supposed to start again on Friday. It would be okay but with the windchill it minus 30 so the kids don't even go out at recess.

enid said...

well, we had the warmest january in 120 years in molvania, and february's looking similar - it's been above zero for a few days now and a lot of the snow has gone. in fact, it looks pretty much like yours!

good photos!

EmBee said...

I remember when you had that major fire on the slope of one of the mountains which we could see from that park. I hope tht one is not going to be as bad. Love.

Beccy said...

I supose Mark, but I love it so much I want to play in it, throw snowballs, build a snowman then come inside for a nice mug of hot chocolate.

Lucky you Asha, though we've been promised more tomorrow so fingers crossed.

Hey Karmyn, great minds think alike!

I hope so too cookiecrumb.

Maybe that's a bit cold Emma but I bet it looks pretty.

Thanks Enid, I took the photos with my camera so was pleased with the results.

I don't think it was Dad, I haven't heard about it on the news so I guess it was contained.

ChrisB said...

There has been lots of snow in some parts of UK but so far it's missed us, however it's forcast for today but I'm not holding my breath, it was very cold last night with heavy frost, and it started foggy but the sun is out now.
Anyway glad Ben has seen snow at long last, shame it was only a sprinkling.

Steffi said...

Beautiful pictures! We have here only a little bitt snow and sunshine too.But it´s cold!

Beccy said...

More snow due tomorrow Mum and Steffi. horray

Sally Lomax said...

NO!! Would definitely not spend 20 euros on a bar of soap!!!!!!

My kids can't wait for some snow!!


Robin said...

Wow, your snow makes our snow look like a blizzard--we had enough to make a snowball or two ;).

But I have no idea what a "gorse" is...lol.

Blogging is educational, that's for sure.

Beccy said...

We're still waiting Sally!

Robin, gorse is a thick, prickly plant that grows on the mountains here.