Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Roll on Summer!

'We're all going on a summer holiday
No more worries for a week or two
Sun and laughter on our summer holiday
For me and you oooh ooh
For a week or two'....(or three)

To quote Sir Cliff we are going on a summer holiday and it's been booked, yippee. My parents-in-law have booked three houses in France and want their three sons, one daughter, three daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren to join them for three weeks in June. Actually the three son's won't make the three weeks as they all work for their father and have to cover minding the business but they'll each get two weeks.

Much as I am very excited about a three week break in the sun, with tennis court and swimming pool I have a dilemma. I plan to spend my time looking hot (and feeling hot no doubt) in a sexy bikini swanning around the poolside. The problems with this are as follows:

  1. I do not have a sexy bikini.
  2. I do not look hot (and would not even if I did have a sexy bikini).
  3. I do not know how to swan around (though I'm sure I could learn).
  4. My mother-in-law is half the size of me.
  5. My sisters-in-law are gorgeous and skinny.
  6. I am not.
So last week I decided to tackle my problems and started my healthy eating campaign. I cannot diet because to me that means depriving yourself of food and I love food but I can cut down on the biscuit, sweet, sugar intake and eat more fruit. So far so good, in a week the only bad food to pass my lips have been one packet of crisps, a slice of cake and a scone. Hell, I may not go on the holiday looking sexy or thin but I'll look better than I do now, (and I think I'll buy a decent one piece swimming costume)!

With my healthy eating campaign underway I was delighted to read Barbara's blog last week. I had contemplated linking to Barbara on Fun Monday because out of all the food blogs I read I consistently make her recipes, from jam to apple cake to baked omelette's. I consider them straightforward recipes to make with ingredients I can easily purchase. The only reason I didn't link to Barbara on Fun Monday was because I knew there would be lots of reading and decided to link to one post only plus I already had the idea of writing this post.

So back to Barbara's post (I fear I am rambling a bit today) as soon as I spied the title 'blueberry breakfast bars' I was hooked, within seconds I was drooling over the photograph and knew that I would be making this no matter what the ingredients were. I hopped over to Farmgirl to get the recipe and all I needed to purchase was the blueberries. As this is not the season for blueberries they are very expensive but I had to make this recipe so purchased two cartons. When I started to measure my ingredients I was well short of the three and a half cups needed. After a quick search in my freezer I found some blackberries so added those to the blueberries, having made the recipe I think you could substitute the blueberries for a variety of fruit.

These are so yummy, OK I kid myself they are healthy but I am limiting myself to one a day. Dillon, when he tried them elevated me from 'a wonderful mum' to a 'wonderful, wonderful mum' but then asked whether I felt guilty for depriving him of these for the last 13 years! Some compliment I think.


sallywrites said...

It's all in the mind Beccy. I bet they think that YOU are gorgeous and are thinking, HELL I've got to look good by the summer because we are all going to be on holiday together etc etc.

Get yourself some fake tan, some protective sun lotion and a sexy bikini, and then just chill out. Don't use a one piece, or you won't have a brown tummy. All those mediterranean women look good just because of their olive skin.

By the end of three weeks of sun, wine and rexlation you'll feel so good you'll be feeling very hot, but not for reasons of weather temperature!

Blueberry muffins look good though!


The very nice man said...

Naaaaa! I don't buy it!! I bet you are sexy and gorgeous! Picture proof, please!!

Asha said...

Hey! Wear whatever suits you best and be yourself!!I am sure they love you as you are!
3 weeks in France,how cool errr.. hot is that?! Looking for ward to hearing all about it.Btw,you have one great in-laws!!:))

Unknown said...

I go along with the very nice man.
The blue/blackberry muffins must be patented, you could be on a winner!

Anonymous said...

3 weeks in France - wow. I'd love to do that.

We're going to Disneyland. Somehow I feel cheated.

I think most recipes calling for fruit can be substituted for any fruit you want. They look scrumptious.

Sam said...

are you and mum psychic or did you plan to post on the same subject?

Anonymous said...

Beccy, THREE WEEKS IN FRANCE? If that ain't motivatin, I don't know what is!!! ;)

As you know, we're going somewhere wonderfully tropical for our 20th anniversary later this year. I will strap on a bikini and I will look hot.

Which means I've got to get my fat behind out of this chair and move around!!! AFTER I catch up on a little blog reading ;).

Anonymous said...

OK, that blueberry dessert looks delicious! That picture looks like it's from a food magazine. If you're ever in the Dallas area, please come over and make a batch for me...

ChrisB said...

Beccy snap My photo looks a bit incipid because to top was a lot browner in reality. You must give me the dates when you are away. I have just, this afternoon, booked Canada flights

Barbara said...

Wow Beccy, three weeks in France. Lucky you. What a kind and generous in laws you have. Can I borrow them too? ;) The blueberry bars are incredible aren't they? Thanks for the kind words about my recipes. It comes with being a mother and working for pay and/or in your community for no pay. You soon seek out all the easy recipes.

Beccy said...

Thanks for your kind words Sally, I'll definitely be getting some fake tan!

Thanks Erik, I'll post a picture when I've learnt how to digitally modify pictures!

I sure do Asha, I can't ait for June to come around.

John we've decided to try them with apple next time.

Karmyn, I'd love to go back to Disneyland, Ben was only two when we went and can't remember it.

I was going to do this on Sunday Sam but ran out of time, then it was fun monday and yesterday I had to post about the fire and snow so today was the earliest I could post it, I made them on Saturday. I knew Mum made them yesterday because they were coming out of the oven as I was speaking to her.

Robin, I'm still trying to read some posts suggested from fun monday! Looks like we both had wonderful trips to look forward to.

Catwoman it would be my pleasure or if you're ever in Dublin you could come here!

Barbara I love your recipes because they are simple and that suits my lifestyle so keep them coming. I think my in laws are really looking forward to having all the family around them. We are usually away at Christmas visiting my family (I insisted on that when we moved here) so it will be nice for them to have everyone together.

Heather Plett said...

Three weeks in France??!!! Sounds dreamy!

That blueberry bar looks delicious! I'm a sucker for blueberries.

Steffi said...

I think you will have a very nice time in France and you must go there to Disneyland with your kids!
Your blueberry cake looks very good and I´m really hungry now about it!


Beccy said...

I am very lucky Heather having a three week break. As for blueberries I love them too.

Steffi we will be about 700 miles away from Euro Disney and my husband will only be over for two weeks so we feel that it is a long way to travel. Also I'd love to take Ben back to Florida as you can count on the weather more!