Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Svelte Skinnies Club.

Today the svelte skinnies club decided to hike to the top of the world, well as close as you get to it from County Wicklow. That's right we climbed the Sugarloaf Mountain. When I suggested it to the other svelte skinny it was in the middle of a storm so we decided to only go ahead if the weather was good as we didn't want to get blown off the mountain, (she did suggest tying weights to our legs to prevent that!)

It was a bright, sunny day today so we donned our hiking boots and set off at about 9.20am. As you drive halfway up the mountain the climb is fairly short but the last section is very steep and today the wind was very strong just for this section.Yet, despite leaving our weights at home, we were heavy enough to avoid an unpleasant death. By 10am we were at the top with wonderful views of Dublin and Wicklow. Unfortunately it wasn't clear enough to see the Mountains of Mourne or Wales, as you can on a really clear day, but nevertheless the view was fantastic.


Sally Lomax said...

The view is fantastic! i remember such views from the other side - i.e. The Mountains of Mourne!

How lovely!


Maya said...

That picture makes me long so much for Ireland. I haven't been in over a year and I am really having withdrawals. You look spectacularly happy!

Barbara said...

I love the name svelte skinnies. Somehow I don't think I'd qualify but I'd love to climb that mountain. We walked over the Pyrenees in really fierce winds and even with heavy backpacks I was frightened of being blown off.

mum said...

This looks like you had a spectacular view.

Sam said...

barbara - i don't think Beccy qualifies either.

Beccy is the name an intent rather than a reality. If so can I join the club too?

Sam said...

PS Fred is working on the Transformer's movie, I'll let him know where he can find a good reference picture.

Beccy said...

Never been to the Mountains of Mourne Sally, maybe one day.

Thanks Maya, it's quite a steep climb but worth it, it might help transform me into a svelte skinny and the views are great.

Barbara, Sam is quite right the name is tongue in cheek. When we decided where to go there were gales here so we joked about needing weights to weigh us down because we're so svelte and skinny!

Hi Mum, hope you're having good holiday. It was a clear day so could see a lot od Dublin and Wicklow.

Sam, I'd be far more interested if Fred could aid such a transformation.

Sally Lomax said...

Really Sam!I know that she's your sister, but how rude!! Beccy looks fab to me, and its all a question of perception is it not? When fat was fashionable in the days of Renoir, we would have all looked positively emaciated! Oh please bring back those days!!


Beccy said...

You're very kind Sally. I enjoy my food and don't believe in dieting instead I try and exercise lots, even so I wouldn't qualify for the genuine svelte skinnis club.

Sam said...

sally - don't worry about beccy and me - its just our cheeky bickering sistery personalities shining through.

don't think she doesn't give as good as she gets or vica versa.