Thursday, January 25, 2007

Who likes a surprise?

I love surprises and would guess that most people do so last week I cooked up the best surprise yet.

I was thinking about what I could buy Mum for her birthday, happy birthday Mum, as she had mentioned that she wanted nothing practical and she had had lots of books and small bits for Christmas. I'm not accusing her of being fussy but........yes she's a bit fussy and then I had a brainwave. Granny was still in hospital, it's been a busy few weeks and what could be better than giving her myself. So I rang Dad to check he wasn't whisking her away for the weekend (as if) and booked my ticket.

Then came the debate; do I tell her (because she hates surprises) or do I pull off the biggest coup and manage to surprise her? So here are the opinions of my family in the order they were given:

Dad: Surprise her and ring her from the airport.
Mollie: Surprise her, get a taxi from the airport then ring her and tell her that her present is outside.
Joules: Surprise her, so she doesn't go mad and buy (and expect me to eat) enough food for a month.
Dillon and Ben: Surprise.
Marie (mother-in-law) and Kathryn (sister-in-law): Tell her on her birthday.
Fiona (sister-in-law): Surprise.
Sam: You know how much she likes surprises, tell her like yesterday.

Now in my heart of hearts I knew Sam was right but I decided to either still go for the surprise element or maybe tell her on the birthday thereby giving her one days notice. The situation changed when Granny was unexpectedly released from hospital. I knew Mum would be spending a lot of time caring for Granny and that this would not be a good time to land myself on her unannounced so I decided to tell her. The conversation went something like this:

Me 'how much do you like surprises?'
Mum 'not at all'
Me 'OK I'm coming over on Friday'
Mum 'oh, oh, no....oh OK then'
Me 'it's OK, I don't have to come'
Mum 'no come...'
Me 'I know you do things, have things arranged, I don't want them cancelled, I'll blog while you're out'

Mum then got over the shock and is delighted ney thrilled that her beautiful talented daughter is coming to stay (cue Sam says but I'm not coming to stay)!

One day Mum I will pull off a surprise.


ChrisB said...

You know I'm really looking forward to seeing you and it was a lovely surprise, it's a pity Sam isn't close enough to come as well so I could have both of my beautiful telented daughters here together.

Now what film can we go and see, dad is going to take us for a meal on Saturday, see you tomorrow xx

The very nice man said...

Well done you but next time . . just do it!!

Steffi said...

I love surprises but only good surprises. A surprise for a Mum is always difficult to find.I think the best surprise for a Mum is when you visit she.My Mum lives far away from us and she is always happy when we come.

Have a nice day!


Asha said...

Chris would be always be happy to see you,I am sure.But let her know you are coming,surprise is not always good.
I saw UK PM's wife in bathrobe and bad hair (on TV) at 10 downing street front door yesterday!!OYY!!That's bad surprise!:D

Anonymous said...

you've just given me an idea... Maybe I'll try to look for a cheap ticket and surprise my mom this year for her bday!

Emma in Canada said...

Hope you and your mum (and dad) have a great time!

Sam said...

the way i see it is this - it is a surprise whenever she gets to find out the news.

so the sooner you let her know, the sooner she is surprised, and the more time she has to enjoy the knowledge of her surprise.

having said that, I refused to tell her what gift I have winging its way to her.

cookiecrumb said...

I still like the surprise idea, but I'm *really* getting the point that your mum doesn't.
Have a great visit.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm the same way. Hate surprises and I'm married to a man who loves to surprise me. Luckily I usually figure out the surprise ahead of time and just fake being shocked.

Wouldn't he be surprised to learn that?

Barbara said...

Have a great weekend Beccy.

sallywrites said...


That's lovely. She'll have a lovely birthday with you. Is it just you going on your own? Nice to spend some time with your Mum on your own....


Sam said...

btw - i don't want people to think I pepper my conversation with the word "like" in appropriate places. I actually said this:

"I think mum would like it best if you'd already told her yesterday."

I know you don't like people correcting your blog English, and I appreciate that sentiment, but in this instance I believe I am correcting my own English so I hope that is ok ;)

Anonymous said...

I do love surprise.
By the way, nice blog.

enidd said...

enid loves surprises as long as she knows what they are in advance.

hope you both are having a great time!

Beccy said...

I'm glad to be here Mum.

I so nearly did tvnm.

I agree with you about good surprises Steffi, they are the ones to have.

I have seen that photo Asha it's about 10 years old (unless she's been caught out again), not pleasant I agree.

Go for it catwoman.

Thanks Emma, I believe I'm being taken out to dinner, yum...

Never thought of it like that Sam, sorry for mis-quoting you.

I think you're getting to Mum quite well cookiecrumb!

Jenny I think you may be a bit like Mum. I bought her some silicone cake trays and she said she guessed I would despite the fact that me coming was her present so I was suposedly coming empty handed. Of course Mum said this was why she hadn't made a cake hmmmm...

Thanks Barbara and Sally, yes, I've come alone for the first time ever.

Thanks Gabree, I came to visit your blog, unfortunately I can't speak any french!

Enid, Mum would say that those are the best surprises.