Friday, January 26, 2007

Preparation Day

Yesterday was spent busily preparing for my little jaunt to Bristol. As I'm only visiting Mum for three days packing was very easy (about 10 minutes), it was organizing Dublin life that took up most of the day. First I went to Tesco supermarket to spend a fortune on rubbish for my family to eat so they wouldn't miss me. Next I checked that my two friends who had volunteered to look after Mollie and Ben in the afternoon were still ok. I made a curry for dinner tonight. I washed for Ireland and England. I baked chocolate muffins and a lemon cake (special request from Ben). I wrapped a birthday present for the party Ben has on Saturday. Finally I wrote four lists, one for each day, with details for Joules on where each child should be each day, any phone numbers he may need and a map of directions. Our plans went a bit squewhiff when Mollie was still suffering from a headache after 12 hours and lots of painkillers. Joules rang his mother and she agreed to be on standby just incase we needed her.

3:45am is very early to wake up but as soon as my alarm beeped I jumped out of bed and got dressed very quickly (it was freezing) then made up the children's lunch boxes before my friend Clare arrived to give me a lift to the airport, thanks Clare. The flight was hassle free, no delays and I got plenty of reading done. I texted Mum from the plane after we had touched down yet I still arrived at the short stay car park five minutes before her (it's very cold here)! After checking with Joules, Mollie was still suffering, so I texted friends to explain change of plan.

I can do no more for them, I know they would all cope without me preparing everything for them but I figure the easier I make things the sooner I'll have another break, there is method to my madness!


ChrisB said...

I appreciate all the effort to organise this trip. It's lovely to have you here in Bristol.

cookiecrumb said...

Whew! Funny.
Beccy, do you get just a *teensy* bit of pleasure out of all that mommy-ness?

Asha said...

Have fun in Bristol.I have been there,beautiful place.
Don't worry about your kids but be a kid to your mum and enjoy for a while girl!:))

sallywrites said...

You are good beccy. I ahve to admit that when I went to Sapin at no notice in Novermber, I left them all to cope!!!!!

Good idea though to allow yourself a future break!

How nice to have lots of uninterrupted reading time, without any need to pick up kids, cook meals etc!!

Have fun!!!

sallywrites said...

Excuse the spellings. Wasn't drunk, but was talking at same time as blogging. Just goes to show that multi tasking isn't ALWAYS foolproof!!!

Barbara said...

I remember those days. It gets easier as they get older.

Steffi said...

Very funny to read!
Have a nice time in Bristol and enjoy your time there!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I know where you're coming from though... I went to a Happy Hour last night and the planning it took to make sure that Sweetie Pie picked up Little Man from daycare was way more effort than drinking those two martinis were! But hey, at least you've escaped for a few days!!!!

Beccy said...

It's lovely to be here mum!

Cookiecrumb maybe a teensy bit! Maybe it's my pigheaded belief that I know what's best for my family. Of course they'll be having a great time without me, staying up late, playing the playstation and not having to share the computer with me. Mind you I got to bring the camera.

Asha, Mum has been spoiling me rotten and I'm really enjoying it.

Sally if I was going somewhere at the drop of a hat I'd shut the door and leave them to it. I forgot to mention my wonderful mother-in-law who stepped in today to mind Mollie and who is feeding them all over the weekend as well as giving Dillon paid work in the garden. Sometimes I think it would be good for Julian to be left to cope with everything and not have his 'mammy' look after him so well but then he is Irish.

It certainly does Barbara.

It was worth the effort catwoman, I say as I sit here enjoying my third glass of champagne.

Robin said...

You sound pretty smart to me ;). Planning for the NEXT trip already!

It IS so much work for the mom when she goes away, isn't it? But, if you ask me, it's always worth the effort. Hope you are having much fun even as I type this comment :).

Beccy said...

Thanks Robin, I'm home now and it feels like i wasn't even away but I had a great time and must do again in the not too distant future!