Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I've read a few of these recently and decided to pinch the idea. Not as easy as I though but hey, I like a challenge:

1) The number of toilets I have.

2) The number of teeth Ben has lost, (number three is wobbly).

3) The number of toilets I would like to have (one of which would be included in the en suite I would also like to have).

4) The number of cousins my children have.

5) The number of times I had holes put in my ears, (now I sport one earring in each ear).

6) The size of my feet.

7) The number of stitches I had in my knee after falling off a wall, (age 6).

8) The number of O’levels I got.

9) The age I was when I learnt that gay no longer meant happy.

10) The age I was when I flew for the first time, (in a helicopter to the Isle of Wight).

11) The age I met Sarah, (my oldest friend) and lent her some socks.

12) And a half, the number of years I have lived in Ireland.

13) The age I started and stopped reading Mills and Boon books.

14) The age I read Catcher in the Rye, (still my all time favourite).

15) The age I was when Mum and I won The Parks tennis tournament.

16) The age I was when I went skiing for the first time.

17) The age I passed my driving test and got my first car.

18) The age I was when I worked in a toy factory and a bank.

19) The age I was when I went to university.

20) The age I was when I mourned the passing of my teenage years. How was I to know that being in my twenties would be no different, it seemed to be so old at the time. As for now, according to Sally I’m only 17 (SAY).


sillysausage said...

i wanna do that
i have to do it on my sam francisco blog cos its not very foodie, nor do i want all my readers knowing all those things ;)

sillysausage said...

arrgh - why did i come out as silly sausage
what has happened to me?

Sam said...

am I back to normal now?

Steffi said...

Hello Beccy!
Thank you very much for visited my blog.Your blog is very nice and I would like visit your blog more often.

See you later!

Beccy said...

Sam, that siily sausage is very weird, there's even a blog, is this your secret persona? Are you silly? Are you a sausage?

Do it, mind you it's harder than I thought it would be!

Steffi, thank you for your compliment, I am impressed with your bi-lingual blog.

Emma in Canada said...

One toilet! I'd be lost without my 2 1/2 bathrooms, I couldn't go back to two even.

my4kids said...

Thanks for comming by my blog and commenting. I will have to check yours out but it is to late tonight. I am not sure if I could do this 1-20 meme. I have seen it in a couple of places it seems difficult. Oh and my husband would be so excited to see someone from Ireland reading my blog, haha. He is part (of course in the US we are almost all part something) Irish and really gets into anything Irish.

Beccy said...

Emma, I am so jealous 2 1/2 bathrooms. Given that my family all like to get up as late as possible to get to work/school on time there is a lot of door banging in our house every morning!

my4kids, I thought I was taking the easy option when I started it. I was wrong! Tell your husband that we know there are more 'Irish' in the US than in Ireland!

ChrisB said...

very interesting- how can you remember how many stitches you had. Do you have your tennis trophy or do I have them both? very clever to find a pic of your old car. I look forward to seeing sam's list

PS had great difficulty publishing this comment

Beccy said...

Having those stitches without any form of anasthetic was an experience I will NEVER forget Mum, not that my scar would let me!

I loved that car and was thrilled to find the picture, it is so like mine was. Even Dillon admitted that it was cool but he would have painted it black with flames, sometimes I worry about his taste.

sallywrites said...

The thing is with loos Beccy is that the more you have, the more you have to clean! And that's less blogging time. So are you sure you want three? :)


Asha said...

Great list!1 toilet! How do you manage!!Loved reading the others too!:))
Is something wrong with the post,lot letters and commas!

Beccy said...

I know Sally, the way I figure it is, if I could afford a house here in my neighbourhood with three toilets, the office, spare bedroom, den for the children etc, etc then I'd be able to afford a cleaner, then I'd have more time for blogging.

Asha I don't know what you see but I have no commas on the view I get.