Friday, January 12, 2007

Five things most people don't know about me...

Sam from a little bit of wisdom in every box tagged me yesterday. This was very exciting for me because I've never been tagged before, then I looked at what was being asked of me. Hmmm I ponder I have to find five things most people don't know about me and I'm having trouble thinking of one. Sam's list was very funny and clever so there's no way I can compete with that. I want to be interesting, I want to surprise people, I want people to think 'wow, fancy that'. I think I'd be here all month trying to write a post like that so you'll just have to put up with a list.

1) I was in love with Adam Burton for most of my teenage years. When I finally got to snog him at 18 it was a major let down! (Well I had to include one the family didn't know).

2) I was one of the last girls in the UK to earn my Queens Guide Award. This was phased out when I was 15 so I had to complete a lot of work in very little time. One badge qualified me to take my patrol of younger girls away camping on our own (which I did). I received my Queens Guide (not from the Queen I hasten to add) then promptly left guides. Why did I bother?

3) I don't blush.

4) (Blushing furiously) I bought the Bros album when I was 18. I could write pages excusing this and also telling you about all the good music I enjoyed but I won't bore you (hangs head in shame).

5) I would love to write a book A book that people would: (a) buy: (b) read; (c) enjoy and (d) be a literary masterpiece.

So there you have it folks, the people I am going to tag are Emma, (I think you enjoy doing posts like this); Sally, (your posts make me laugh); Mum, (is there anything you can tell me that I don't know?) and Cookiecrumb (not sure you do these but would be interesting).


ChrisB said...

I'd always guessed about Adam although you denied it.

Are you sure you don't blush?

I shall have to enter into the spirit of this tagging but I am am so transparent I will have to give it a lot of thought or think back to before you were born.

sallywrites said...

That's really funny about Adam!! And so often the case with teenagers. Just think though Beccy. He may read this and find out what a disappointment he was!!

MAYBE he'll comment!

Thanks for the tag!


Emma in Canada said...

Oh I'll do this. I think I may have done it before but it was ages ago I am sure. And thanks for reminding me of the name of Bros. William and I were watching something some time ago that had one of them in (Luke maybe?) and we just could not remember the band name.

Beccy said...

Looking forward to your posts Mum, Sally and Emma.

It took me a while to remember Bros myself. I could remember buying an album and being embarressed and telling the shop assisstant that it was for my little sister, fyi I don't have a little sister!

cookiecrumb said...

I'm there! I'm really just so pleased you picked me. I'll get right on it.
BTW, I'd always guessed that about Adam too, so you need a harder list.

Beccy said...

Lol cookiecrumb, but can you produce one?

cookiecrumb said...

Me? I gotta make up your sordid past?
OK, what about the time you ... aw, heck, I can't do this. I'm struggling with my own list (not very interesting).

Beccy said...

Ok cookiecrumb what about the time I.... No I think I'll wait and read yours!