Sunday, January 14, 2007

10 Reasons not be ill on Friday 12th January

1) Your husband is out celebrating the end of his exams so you have to stay up to deal with all the parental stuff

2) You think you know what is wrong with you so don't panic then you develop new symptoms and decide you have cancer so you do panic. Using the Internet you read that these new symptoms are from your original diagnosis, yes you do believe you are suffering from cystitis.

3) You start drinking gallons of cranberry juice to alleviate the symptoms and therefore keep waking up in the night to go to the toilet.

4) You also develop a fever, another symptom you read about and despite feeling freezing cold and shivering you know you are burning up so you have to get out of your warm cosy bed to find some paracetamol.

5) The alarm wakes you at at 8am because you have a parents association meeting at 9am. Four and a half hours later you return home laden down with eight litres of cranberry juice exhausted.

6) You stir yourself to make dinner for family because you are a kind, caring mother, hubby has gone out for a walk and the children are starving.

7) You go to bed early leaving a bombsite downstairs, hopeful that it will be tidied up as you are unwell. You have to be feeling really bad because you didn't go near the computer once today!

8) You come downstairs to find another bomb arrived sometime between you going to bed and waking up. THERE IS EVEN WASHING UP STILL TO BE DONE FROM YESTERDAY LUNCHTIME!

9) Instead of leaving the bombsite you tidy up, sweep the floor and wash the pans in the sink, between frequent dashes to the toilet.

10) You decide that a visit to the Doctors on Monday is a must and cuss at the thought of handing over €50 for what will probably be a five minute appointment as you fondly remember NHS in the UK.

Postscript: Everytime I go the the Doctors they seem to hike the price up. The last time I went was last sping and it was €50, two months earlier it was €45 and today it went up to €55. Thank goodness my children are healthy and I only make one or two visits a year or I'd be broke!


Asha said...

AW..!!! Hope you feel better today Beccy!:))

ChrisB said...

I wondered why you had not blogged. Take care

Sam said...

beccy can you just get some cystemme over the counter?
mum sent me some because you cant get it here in the US.
sometimes i get this and have to go to the doctor for a course of antibiotics. I think it runs in the family since i know granny gets it too sometimes.
hope you get better soon

ps - did you read about mum bunking off school? I am shocked. I never did that. Although I did fake a sore throat once so I wouldnt have to go to school in the first place.

Beccy said...

Thanks for your good wishes. Sam Mum rang me to tell me about cystemme. I decided not to get dressed today so haven't been out to get some. I think I need antibiotics so will go to the doctors tomorrow.

Just come from mum's blog. I too am shocked, glad I tagged her though!

Emma in Canada said...

Hope you feel better. I would have left the bombsite, can not believe you cleaned up!

Barbara said...

Hope you feel better Beccy.

Beccy said...

I have to admit Emma I ended up shouting at the children (Joules was out getting papers) so they did help (a bit)!

Off to the doctors shortly so I'm sure I'll feel better once I get some antibiotics.

sallywrites said...

Oh poor you Beccy!!

Cystitis is horrible. I do hope that you are better now.

Very good blog! The way you wrote it made me giggle.

And you were so good to look after them all. They should all have helped YOU!!


Beccy said...

Feeling much better thanks Sally, the idea to do this post came to me when I was suffering and feverous in the middle of the night!