Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Indecision of a 10 year old!

Mollie needed a new coat as her old coat was too small so I decided to wait and buy in the sales. I promised her that we could look in lots of shops and if we found nothing she liked that was ok because I wasn't buying something fo the sake of it. We started in John Lewis which had no girls coats and moved onto Gap which had lovely coats. "Too long" said Mollie to the lovely warm black coat with the fluffy hood. "Too white" was her reaction to the white coat. Now I had an idea of what she wanted, a coat with fur (fake of course) around the hood but not too long or white.

Next stop was Next. I looked at the racks of coats and thought great we'll get one here. The pink and green ones were too colourful. The karki one was too long and had no fur. White was out. She then said that she didn't like them "puffy or shiny". At last her Grandma spotted a green one that fitted all the requirements and there were lots of them. Mollie tried on an age 9-10 coat and liked it but it was too small so Grandma and I looked at all the coats in that style but alas the 9-10 year old one was the largest.

We were running out of shops and patience with Mollie as she seemed to have lost the ability to communicate in a nice voice and could only whinge. Next shop was BHS, now I'm not a snob and one of my favourite shops is Penneys which is the same as Primark but I've always had a thing about BHS. I can't tell you why, maybe I had a bad experience there in my youth but it is a shop I always walk past. We agreed to go in and look, desperate measures and all that and tucked away in the corner was a Tammy section. As a young girl I remember so wanting to grow bigger because I wanted to buy clothes from Tammy Girl. I was jealous of Sam's outfits from there, except the hideous brown threepiece which I never wanted handed down to me. There was a good selection of coats but it was a familiar story, "too shiny", "too white" or "uck". We spotted two more in the corner and persuaded Mollie to try them on. The black one was a bomber style jacket but as it was age 13 it was quite long on her but no she doesn't like bomber jackets. The other coat was grey and really suited her. Mollie wasn't sure about it and tried it on twice. I was about to put it back on the rack when Mollie decided she did like it, phew. Unfortunately it wasn't in the sale but at least she had a coat she could do up for the cold months ahead. We looked in other shops as well and the more we looked the more Mollie liked her coat so I think today was a success.


Emma in Canada said...

The joys of girls! My mum was willing to buy my daughter a lovely coat from one of the nicer stores and she didn't like it. She picked out an awful one from Sears, but thank God it wasn't in her size. She wanted blue or purple so I went out without her, found a blue one, and she was happy with it luckily enough.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe its not so bad being back at work after all!!!!! Patience is the key word when shopping - especially with young girls!! Happy New Year Beccy and to all the family in Bristol. Clare

ChrisB said...

Much as I enjoy shopping I'd forgotten what it's like shopping with a ten year old. However the coat Mollie finally agreed on does suit her and it has already been worn so I guess she's happy with her choice.
Claire have a very Happy New Year and I will see you next time I'm over; probably in the spring.

Sam said...

I can't believe you didn't want that Tammy outfit. That was my favorite outfit ever. I think I would even wear it now if it still fitted.