Friday, December 29, 2006

A surprise visitor

There is no ice rink in Ireland so when a temporary ice rink was set up in Smithfields five years ago it was with great excitment we booked our tickets. Mollie was five, Dillon eight and Ben a baby who was left with his Granny. Both Mollie and Dillon were good at rollerblading so found ice skating easy and although it had been 15 years since I'd been it all came back and we had great fun whizzing around the ice. Since then it has become a Christmas tradition to go ice skating at one of the small temporary rinks set up either in Ireland or England and every year I tell my children about the fun I had at the big permanent ice rink in Bristol as a child and promise to bring them one day.

This year I decided was the year to bring them. Ben hasn't ever wanted to ice skate but recently learnt to rollerblade so I thought he might try this year. I found out the times, packed the bag and was about to have a quick lunch before we left when the doorbell went. It was my uncle and his granddaughter come to visit and as I only see him twice a year and he's my only uncle I made the decision to postpone the ice skating. We had a laugh with Uncle David and he's promised to host another summer bbq, last years was great fun. I ended up in a pool with all my clothes on!

Of course Dillon and Mollie haven't forgotten the promise to take them ice skating so we will have to do that another day.

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Asha said...

Happy New Year Beccy to you and your's!:)

See you next week,I will be back home Sunday!