Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Short and Sweet

Finally got to the computer after entertaining Mum all morning, taking Ben to swimming lessons, making dinner, bread and more cookies (used dark muscovado sugar this time, very tasty!), making Ben's party invitations and waiting my turn on the computer.


Anonymous said...

I do know the feeling.Love

Asha said...

Oh, it's soo nice see your mum and you and your family in there.I got to see all of you , feels great. Hope Ben has recovered,my kids have cold and all too.It's terrible:(

Enjoy your mum and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Beccy:))

ChrisB said...

Mike Now the only reason if I am hogging the computer( but I don't actually think I am )is because everything is different to mine at home; but I am learning fast.

Asha, Beccy and I were just saying how quickly you feel friends with people in the blogging community who are all so welcoming.

Beccy said...

Oh Dad just got access to computer for five mins while Mum's gone upstairs!

Asha, it's great having my Mum here, I wish she'd retire to Ireland but I'll just have to keep on wishing. Maybe now she's more time she'll be able to pop over more often.

Oh here's Mum back again

sallywrites said...


Gosh your life sounds familiar to mine!!


Beccy said...

Read your blog Sally and your life sounds very complicated.

sallywrites said...

Yes - but like you we fight for the computer! in fact this week it is slightly more complicated because of having a German girl staying who also wants a turn on here!

Have fun with your Mum's visit.