Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Getting Ready

After my rant about teenage boys rooms I could rant again about 10 year old girls rooms but I won't bore you. Suffice to say Mollie's room is sparkling clean (well a lot cleaner than it was) and ready for Mum's arrival. The camp bed fits in Ben's room (just) and there's now arguments over who will sleep on that and who will have the bed, I think they should take turns.

The bread's baked, dinner's prepared and Ben washed the car. I even had time to meet my friends Sally and Niamh for a cuppa and a scone.

Now I'm waiting for the text from Mum so I can go and collect her.


Sam said...

i so wish i could be with you too

Beccy said...

We wish you were with us too, mind you you wouldn't have enjoyed the delicious dinner I just cooked, except maybe the dessert and the bread, but then you're on a diet!

Sam said...

what was it? i eat most things these days. i am far less fussy than all of you put together

Beccy said...

It was roast chicken, stuffing, roastpotatoes, roast parsnips, cabbage (nigella lawson recipe, delicious) and gravy; followed by pavlova with lemon curd, organic cream and pomegranate

Anonymous said...

Asit is dull and I am having to puzzle over some paperwork that does not fit into any index I wish I was there and I like sausagemeat stuffing too.
What time is the next blog. Love