Saturday, November 25, 2006

Preparation Day

I have to admit to have given up photographing my food. I could give you a thousand reasons/excuses (well about 10) but I won't bore you with them.

It's been mad busy in our house the last few days. Every free moment Dillon has been bag packing in Tesco with the scouts to raise money towards their summer camp. Mollie has joined him for five hours today as she will be leaving cubs and going to scouts in January. I was meant to help supervise them today but luckily they had too many adults so I was allowed to come home. This was very handy as tomorrow is Ben's birthday and I've spent the last four hours preparing for it.

It was very quiet in the house with Dillon and Mollie out and Joules studying so Ben and I had plenty of space and no distractions while we decorated the fairy cakes Mollie baked yesterday.

I put the icing on and Ben decorated the cakes. We had some large

and lots of small cakes. Next was time to make the party bags. I laid out the sheets of cellophane, Ben filled them with a toy, chocolate and sweets, then I tied them up. We thought they looked very pretty.

I lost my helper at this stage but continued to make the food boxes. We are going to the cinema to see Flushed Away and instead of taking them to McDonald's for a load of rubbish I decided to make food boxes with fairy cakes, Mars Bar cakes and a few sweets for them to snack on along with a bag of popcorn and a drink.

Now I can have a little rest until Ben goes to bed then I will be getting out the sellotape and wrapping paper ready for an early start tomorrow.


Barbara said...

I must say life is easier now my boys are past "the party with every classmate invited". Now they are happy with a family dinner and then off out with their mates to celebrate.

Beccy said...

I agree life regarding parties does get easier Barbara, but have to admit that I love baking for parties, especially the birthday cake.