Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Ben

Here's my baby aged one and

here he is five years later.

As you can see from the photo our Ben is a bit of a character. He has the heartiest laugh you've ever heard which is very infectious, yet he is the only one of my children who can sulk and boy do I mean sulk. The head goes down and the arms get folded and he'll sulk and sulk and sulk. Then do one thing to make him laugh and he'll forget what he's sulking about. Ben adores Dillon. Whatever Dillon says goes, for example, Ben wanted his hair cut short and spiky. We were practically in the car on the way to the Barbers when Dillon told Ben his hair was cool and now Ben wants longer hair. We compromised and he had the ends trimmed! Mollie has to be the kindest sister to Ben. She looks after, gets him on the school bus every morning (often carrying his school bag for him) and clears up after him. Sometimes I feel sorry for her as he idolises Dillon so much, then he says 'Mollie is the best sister' and I feel everything is just great.


Asha said...

My boss was and is a gorgeous baby boy:))Happy Birthday boss man,your chef needs a hike in her salary:D

Have a great B'day Ben.

sallywrites said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!!

He is gorgeous Beccy!!


Beccy said...

Thanks Asha and Sally. I think he's gorgeous as well, but then I am his mother!

Sam said...

I think he is gorgeous too, but then I am his Aunt.

ChrisB said...

If Ben reads this he will realise he has a fan club, which includes me.