Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ben's Birthday

Ben woke us up early. Well it wasn't too bad, 7:25am. We stumbled downstairs in our dressing gowns and watched him open his presents. Either he has finally learnt some manners or he really liked everything he was given. There was no 'I didn't want that'. Unfortunately one game he was given didn't work so will have to be returned to the toyshop, luckily Ben has a voucher to spend so I'm sure we'll be going there later in the week.

There was only one hitch at the cinema, you're not allowed to take large bags in. Unfortunately we had the food packed into four rucksacks, so had to give the boxes of food and drinks out to the children while Joules rushed to put the bags back into the car. The children, 16 boys and three girls, were very good and sat quietly throughout the movie, laughing very loud at the funny parts of which there were a good few.

Then it was time to come home and Ben had more presents to open. He got a great selection of gifts from power rangers, batman, Lego, art stuff, cars, football gear, a walkie talkie, dinosaur and games. I think you'll agree he's a very lucky boy.


Anonymous said...

I was up then too. Like his dressing gown and yes it does look as though he is a lucky boy. Love

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Ben

I bet it was my present which didn't work, wasn't it?

Beccy said...

No Sam you's worked perfectly, Ben and Mollie had great fun playing with it.

ChrisB said...

what was Sam's present?? I bet it was one of dad's that didn't work

Beccy said...

Sam gave Ben Cube World.

It was one of Dad's we swapped them today and he chose a different game, Loopin' Louie, it's great fun, even Dillon played!