Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Twas a perfect day for a game of hockey so was pleased to be picked for attack today. Within minutes I had the ball and was dribbling up the right wing. I passed the ball into the circle, moved in and received the ball back, aha my chance at goal, 'remember to push' I thought so hit the ball gently. Goal. Hooray my first goal. Not. Apparently I hit and didn't push. We only push as we don't wear shin guards or have a goalie in all the protective gear. I knew this rule and really did think that I pushed but no in my competitiveness I has swung my stick (all be it gently). Not to be deterred I kept on trying but kept just missing the goal. Finally with minutes to spare I was up in the circle with the ball and two defenders 'push, push, push the ball' I thought. Goal. I scored my first goal. About 2 minutes later I scored my second. It's great to be back playing hockey.


ChrisB said...

Well done I am sure I would find it very hard to just push the ball and not give it a good whack.

Asha said...

Happy 37th Birthday Beccy! Don't worry, you are still younger than me:D:D Enjoy the wisdom that comes along with maturity.

Congratulations on your goal er..goals!!:))

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Sam said...

i wish i could play field hockey.

Beccy said...

I know Mum, I really thiught I'd restrained myself.

Thanks Asha, hope you enjoy your beach vacation.

Do they not play hockey there Sam? I'm so enjoying it, mind you it's hard work, all that running!

Sally Lomax said...

Hi Becky!

I'm so impressed!

I was always absolutely useless at hockey. So much so that I was the one never picked of the team.

Well done you!!!!


Beccy said...

Thanks Sally