Sunday, October 22, 2006

Two Faced Mollie

Up bright and early today because Mollie had her Girls Brigade enrolment, which involved her being in church in a smart, clean uniform with hair neatly plaited by 10.30am. At 9.40am I found myself with the whitener trying to whiten Mollie's runners. This was not as easy as it sounds because I had planned to leave at 9.50am, Mollie was in the shower and her hair was still to be plaited. To make matters worse after I had finished whitening one shoe the sponge on the applicator disintegrated so I was left with one white runner and one very dirty one! After a quick rummage through the face painting box I found another sponge I could use and finished the shoes. After quickly plaiting her hair we were ready to go and thankfully got there in plenty of time.

This afternoon Mollie, Ben and myself went to Templeogue tennis club to support our Sandycove teams playing in the finals of the over 45 league. Well done to the men who won their class and commiserations to both ladies teams who lost after putting up a great fight.

Then it was time for Mollie to transform into an emo fairy. We had a successful shopping trip to Dundrum shopping centre on Friday evening where we found stripey gloves in Penneys and pink hair dye, black and pink stripey leggings, fairy wand and sparkly make-up in Claire's Accessories. Yesterday we went past a local newsagent and I spotted black hairspray in the window for €2, the last thing we needed for the outfit and as I only had €1 on me I went to the cashpoint to get out more money. Alas when we returned to the shop the hairspray was no longer in the window. Yes, it had been sold and there was no more! I still think Mollie looks pretty cool and all her clothes and accessories came together well.


Beccy said...

Hey Mum you're looking at this now!!!

ChrisB said...

How do you know; Good pictures of Mollie you did well with the fairy costume; you should have asked the shop to save the hair dye.

Anonymous said...

how would she have ever guessed the hair spray would sell out in such a short space of time?

i love mollie's costume.

Beccy said...

Was pleased with the outfit though you can't really see the pink stripe in her hair. I have a nice close up of her face in which I think she looks very grown up.

Mollie said the party was one of the best!

You're right about the dye Sam.

Sam said...

did you straighten mollie's hair?

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit.

Beccy said...

Sam Mollies hair is much straighter now, only a little kink, so we brushed water through and dried it straight.

Thanks Barbara, the stripey leggings remind me of my favourite purple and black stripey tights I wore as a teenager!