Saturday, October 21, 2006

Match Of The Day

I wasn't sure if I wanted rain when I woke up today. Why would I want rain on a Saturday morning? Well today was the day of the BIG MATCH. Glenageary Killiney National School girls versus their mums. If this was anything like previous matches we could foresee the result, and if it rained the match would be cancelled. Mollie and I arrived at the school to be met by lots of girls (about 30) and a few mums (8) plus two dads. Where were those errant mums who had dropped their kids and scarpered? Three brothers and a teenager joined our team along with six of the youngest girls from first class, who looked very cute but we were a bit worried about knocking them over. The match started well. I only embarrassed myself once by completely missing the ball when it was mine for the taking and I defended well blocking lots of the girls attempts in goal. Half time was called and we were 2-1 up. During a quick drink break Mollie scored a goal into the empty net, was seen by the referee and when we started the second half the score was 2-2! Well things went from bad to worse for us mums (and dads), the boys and teenager swapped sides and we were overpowered. Final result 4-2 to the girls. We went home wet (we had played through a heavy rain shower), muddy and tired, but I'm glad it wasn't cancelled and can't wait for the rematch next year!


ChrisB said...

where's the photo of the muddy wet participant's??

Beccy said...

Didn't take a camera, I was too busy running after a ball, we then played tennis then I dropped Mollie to hockey!