Monday, October 23, 2006

Another Manic Monday

Well not a lot to write about today. I went for a lovely walk this morning from my house up over Killiney hill. The sun was shining over Killiney beach and the view was beautiful, alas I had no camera to capture the scene. Dillon was feeling unwell and went to bed before Ben last night, he was still poorly this morning and spent most of the day in bed only feeling better at 2pm when he got up and ate lots of toast and marmite.

The afternoon was spent dropping Ben and Mollie to their tennis lessons. In between I decided to make the apple recipe I had earlier spotted on winosandfoodies. It looked delicious and I had all the ingredients. Unfortunately I couldn't get our printer to work so was running between the computer screen and the kitchen aware that I only had 15 minutes before I had to take Mollie to tennis. I got it made in time (just), it did not look very appetizing, in fact Dillon asked me if the recipe said it was meant to look like vomit. When I took it out 50 minutes later it definitely did not resemble the photograph and I was all set to throw it in the bin. Dillon was brave enough to try it and said it was yummy, so I decided to be brave and try it and yes it did taste good.

The boys were out rollerblading this afternoon. Ben has been out practising a lot for the last week and Dillon has been teaching him. He has now mastered the art and is very excited about going ice-skating this winter, (last winter he tried and didn't like it)!

And finally a picture of Dillon, he tried hard to not let me take one but I managed to!


Beccy said...

Hey Mum you must be telepathic because you're here again when I am!

Anonymous said...

Beccy - I think it might have been my fault. I've just noticed I posted the incorrect amount of flour. It is 1 and 1/4 cups (not 1/4 cup. Sorry. It was late, I was tired and rushing to finish it to watch Top Gear on TV! By the way I live in a street called Killarney .

Beccy said...

Thanks Barbara, despite looking nothing like your cake it was given the thumbs up in my house and I thought I'd try again today.

I've been to Killarney in Kerry once a long time ago. It was lovely and there's a beautiful national park there.

ChrisB said...

Beccy I enjoyed this post but could not open Killiney Hill link for some reason ( beach was OK). Loved the photos of the boys. Tell Ben I can't wait to see him in a couple of weeks. Glad you managed to get photo of Dillon he made a good recovery!!

Beccy said...

Don't know why the Killiney Hill link doesn't work for you it works for me.

Dillon made great recovery, trouble was he slept all day and couldn't sleep last night so was tired this morning!

Sam said...

link works for me too.
do you remember when i taught you to rollerskate with the aid of a marshmallow?
something like dangling a carrot infront of a donkey.

Beccy said...

I remember Sam, and being thrilled when I got it.