Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Busy as a Bee!

Life is very busy at the moment what with projects, exams and little monkeys! Not to mention my belly dancing, hockey, tennis and PA commitments, throw in a few birthday celebrations, nights out and books to read and I'm exhausted just thinking about it. The project is going really well thanks to Yvonne who moved from Dublin to Luxembourg as a child and has given Mollie lots of valuable information including unusual facts that wouldn't be readily available to Mollie. Dillon's exams are nearly finished, just two left on Friday then he has a week off school. Dillon is fairly confident that they all went quite well, except for the maths paper where he rubbed out every single answer (the less said about that the better)! As for me, I've been busy putting together an outfit for a fancy dress party I'm going to next week, the question is, should I go white and virginal or black and sexy? Can you guess the theme of the party?
Once again I bring you Witty Wednesday thanks to John.
Male or Female?

You might not have known this, but a lot of non-living objects are actually either male or female. Here are some examples:

FREEZER BAGS: They are male, because they hold everything in, but you can see right through them.

PHOTOCOPIERS: These are female, because once turned off; it takes a while to warm them up again.They are an effective reproductive device if the right buttons are pushed, but can also wreak havoc if you push the wrong Buttons.

TYRES: Tires are male, because they go bald easily and are often over inflated HOT AIR

BALLOONS: Also a male object, because to get them to go anywhere, you have to light a fire under their butt.

SPONGES: These are female, because they are soft, squeezable and retain water.

WEB PAGES: Female, because they're constantly being looked at and frequently getting hit on.

TRAINS: Definitely male, because they always use the same old lines for picking up people.

EGG TIMERS: Egg timers are female because, over time, all the weight shifts to the bottom.

HAMMERS: Male, because in the last 5000 years, they've hardly changed at all, and are occasionally handy to have around.

THE REMOTE CONTROL: Female. Ha! You probably thought it would be male, but consider this: It easily gives a man pleasure, he'd be lost without it, and while he doesn't always know which buttons to push, he just keeps trying New Law:


Yvonne said...

Very funny Witty Wednesday! Best of luck to Mollie and Dillon and enjoy the Vicars and Tarts party! ;) I hope you're not working too hard though getting everything done...

Alix said...

Sounds like it is busy but fun! Glad Mollie managed to get lots if information and Dillon's exams are nearly over - I sympathise about the maths!
Black and sexy of course!
Great jokes :)

laurie said...

i laughed my way through that.

photocopieers are female....ha!

(no package from you yet. i fear the postman ate it.)

Sally Lomax said...

Black and Sexy..... much more fun!

Asha said...

Very funny comparisons Beccy!:D

Glad Mollie is getting help with the project!:)

la bellina mammina said...

wow! you sure are busy!

very witty joke...:-)

Rachel said...

Ha ha, those are cute! You ARE busy!! How do find time for it all??

ChrisB said...

I was going to say vicars and tarts!
Which ever you choose you will good :) Is this a tennis club party?

Beckie said...

Very funny! The photocopier and the remote control made me laugh.

I would go black and sexy. I should rephrase that...If I were you I would go black and sexy. I probably just wouldn't go because I couldn't find anything to wear.

How wonderful than another blogger could help with the project.

the mother of this lot said...

Brilliant post!

katy said...

you sure do sound so busy and you even get nights out, that i am jealous of!
done this one before but how true are most of them lol

my4kids said...

Thats great the Mollie was able to get that information.
You definetly sound busy!
I say black and sexy!

Loved the joke

Steffi said...

Very funny and good post!

tiger lamb girl said...

Very funny:).

Hope Molly found all she needed in the end!

Lil Mouse said...

black and sexy, definitely. i would have said 'devils and angels' party.. i dont think we have vicars or tarts in the US. well, not so as you'd call them that anyway.

elena jane said...

so nice that mollie found her info :) parties are fun, go for black and sexy :)

lisa marie said...

I definitely get my giggles on Wednesday with you and your mom. And I would have thought that the remote was male. I love tyres!

Dennis said...

Thanks for the laughs!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the busy. I am so behind in blog reading. I love your male female analogies. The last is my favourite.

frannie said...

very funny!!!!

I'm tired reading all that you have going on-- I can't imagine doing it all!!!

Pamela said...

egg timers, I wish someone would flip me.