Sunday, December 30, 2007

While the boys stay home the girls have fun away.

Apparently four of you know me well enough to guess who left the lights! Although I have to admit I'm not sure how but I was the one sorting out the car on Sunday night ready for the early start Monday morning (typical) and somehow must have turned the lights on when moving the seats.

I'm sitting here with the lyrics from The Sound of Music running through my head as we've just returned from a trip to London where we saw the show at The London Palladium. This trip was actually mine and Mollie's Christmas present from last year (only we couldn't get tickets) and mum's present this year. Mollie and I had religiously watched a tv show where a Maria was picked by the audience and we were dying to see the musical in London's West End.

We had to get up early to catch our coach to London then it was time for a quick breakfast before we dumped our bags at our hotel and headed into central London. The last time I was in London was seven and a half years ago, back then both Sam, my sister and Simon, Joules brother lived in London so we visited every year and always had a place to crash. I was five months pregnant and took Dillon and Mollie up for a few days where we visited the London Dome (which I really enjoyed) and the aquarium. All Mollie can remember from this trip was the pokemon lollipop I bought her so it was time to show her the sights. We visted Covent Garden and found a road full of shoe shops (Mollie's weakness, although she resisted making a purchase this time) then walked through Leicester Square, Picadilly and down Regent street keeping our eyes peeled among the throng of shoppers for Hamleys, so say the world's biggest toy shop. It was in Hamleys that Mollie managed to part with some of her money spent on a hospital for My Littlest Pet. By this time the rain was pouring so we hopped into Liberties for a wander before stopping off for a hot chocolate and cake before it was time to see the show.

Connie, the original winner of the tv show, was not on stage that night but another girl from the tv show called Aoife was playing the role of Maria. We had fantastic seats in the middle of the stalls and the whole cast was excellent. I had never seen this musical before and it is slightly different to the film. The set design was brilliant, my favourite had to be the moving mountain. Mollie really enjoyed the show and is busy planning dreaming of her next musical in London!

Yesterday, after a huge breakfast in the hotel, we decided to go on a sightseeing bus tour of London so Mollie could see all the sights in one day. Lucily we got a seat on top under the cover so we did not get too cold as we spent a few hours touring all the sights in London and learning a brief history as well. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to partake in the free river cruise but we managed to squeeze in a walk down Oxford street and a visit to Selfridges where I bought Mollie a skirt reduced to £10 from £88 (who in their right mind would spend £88 on a denim mini) and myself some kitchen tongs. We were rather taken with the jewellery in Tiffany's but knew it was out of our price range.

All in all it was a lovely break and I hope it's not another seven and a half years before I return to London again.


Dea said...

Oh Beccy - it sounds wonderful! I love London. Took himself there for our anniversary two years ago, but we were both dying of the flu and it was such a disappointment we weren't able to enjoy it as much! Sorry you missed Connie, but glad to hear it was a good show! Happy New Year!

katy said...

What a fantastic day you had, I would love to see the Sound of Music on stage.
and a bargain was made on the skirt £88 no way! but a tenner yipee!

Steffi said...

It sounds wonderful of a fantastic day!I hope you all enjoyed it!Have a nice last day of the year tommorrow!

frannie said...

I LOVE the sound of music!!!! It is one of my favorite movies ever!!!

that sounds like such a wonderful trip!!!

Alix said...

What a wonderful trip. I love London, especially Covent garden.
The Sound of Music sounds great.

thefoodsnob said...

The Sound of Music sounds like great fun.
Next time you explore London I'll come with you, ok?
88 for a denim mini? Did it have gold thread?
Happy New Year!


my4kids said...

Ooh I'm jealous. I love the movie The Sound of Music and actually being able to see the musical sounds lovely!

Anonymous said...

What a great Christmas present!

I took my MIL to see Sound of Music a few years ago - Richard Chamberlain played Captain Von Trapp. It was wonderful.

ChrisB said...

I can confirm we had a really great time.

Yvonne said...

Happy New Year! I just read about your hard drive troubles - scary to think that you nearly lost all your photographs. Glad you got them back.

Pamela said...

I want to go next year. It sounds like the perfect holiday.

Happy New Year

Unknown said...

Sounds like it was a truly wonderful trip -- and what a festive time of year to go!

I love The Sound of Music. It's my favourite musical. Of. All. Time;).

Now, I might actually consider going to see it in London, after reading this:)!!

Happy New Year to you and your family, Beccy:)!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

I would love to go to London. Actually, I would love to go pretty much anywhere in Europe since I've never gone outside the U.S. My parents went the year before last and loved it!