Friday, June 29, 2007

Help: I need a cleaner!

Remember my little egg buddy? I finally got to see an orthopedic yesterday in one of the poshest clinics in Dublin. Firstly I was not impressed with the tiny waiting room which was stuffed to the gills with patients, then I was informed that there was an hour and a quarter delay. So this is what money buys - a squashed, airless pod and long delays. I opted to go home and return two hours later, I only had to wait a few minutes before being ushered in and having my knee looked at.

The verdict?

Apparently I'm suffering from housemaids knee, if mum was here reading this she would wet herself laughing shake her head in disbelief! Yes that's right folks, I spend so much time on my knees cleaning I am now suffering so why is it that my house is a constant mess?

The good news?

The fluid on my knee is nothing to worry about and should drain naturally in the next three months.


Yvonne said...

Housemaids knee!?! Never heard of it, certainly will never get it! Glad to hear it's not anything serious though, that is good news.

Anonymous said...

How funny! It sounds made up.
Glad it's not serious!

Anonymous said...

I will never clean again, in order to protect myself from what sounds like a VERY dangerous health condition!

my4kids said...

Housemaaids knee? I agree with hellojed, never heard of it...I guess I don't have to worry about getting it house is a mess and my knees are safe....
glad its nothing serious though
Your mother would enjoy that though wouldn't she, to bad she is on holiday and we can't see her comment for now!

Amy W said...

Good grief, housemaids knee?! I have heard of nursemaids elbow...

And yes, glad its not too serious.

Anonymous said...

Housemaids knee? You've got to be kidding? that is too bizarre. I'm glad it isn't serious or require surgery!!

Should I buy myself some kneepads?

sallywrites said...

My Mum once had "housemaid's knee", but she insisted on an xray, and it turned out that she had knelt on a needle and it had gone into her knee!!! After the op to remove it, it was much better!

Sam said...

I will laugh twice as hard on mum's behalf. Shouldn't have too much trouble raising mirth

frannie said...

that is hilarious!

what a way to get out of housework, too!

laurie said...

definitely not one of my maladies.

maybe drinkers' elbow?

typists' fingers?

reader-in-bed-after-lights-out-with-a-flashlight eyes?

but housemaids' knee is not one i need to fear.

what's the cure? besides no longer scrubbing those floors the way we all know you did?

Mr. X said...

Ahah! precisely what our lumpy knee was diagnosed as as well!

This is the excuse to sit in chairs and demand ups of tea and cakes for two weeks, you know.

NB: ours was caused by a twist while playing badminton, not by all that scrubbing of floors :)

P.S. See Here for info for all you disbelieving personages out there...

Anonymous said...

Housemaid's knee is hilarious! I am glad you're okay, though. ;)

Beccy said...

Hellojed, funnily enough mum said it could be that then laughed and said no way.

Lisa, I definitely didn't get it from cleaning, I use a mop and don't kneel on the floor!

Hear, hear catwoman!

Terri, I thought I was safe from it, of course it does have some medical name but it's common name is housemaids knee.

It makes me feel kind of old Amy!

Get thee to a kneepad shop right away Karmyn!

Sally, that sounds very sore, luckily I've had an xray and no needles were found lurking!

I knew I could count on you Sam!

Frannie, doesn't seem to be working...unfortunately!

Laurie, no cure but it should go down within the next few months. If it doesn't they'll treat it.

Mr X so maybe mine was caused by tennis, I play more of that than I do cleaning! Thanks for the medical link!

Melissa, it makes me feel old and frumpy!

ChrisB said...

I'm glad my diagnosis was correct!! I'm not laughing because of your discomfort but housemaids knee from kneeling yea very very funny hahaha I don't think I've ever seen you kneeling and scrubbing -not like we did in my day!!