Friday, May 11, 2007

Rising to the challenges.

The week of the meme's. I have discovered that if challenged I'm not the sort of person who refuses to take the bait, however hard I try. Robin threw out the most horrible, soul destroying, difficult to complete challenging challenge. The task? To take a photograph and post it of me first thing in the morning. Yesterday I tried, honestly I really did try but it was most definitely not a pretty sight. So this morning I opened my eyes, grabbed the camera and click, here I am. Take up this challenge if you feel brave enough or look drop dead gorgeous first thing.

The next meme challenge was set by catwoman, this one was to post seven random things you don't know about me. If you want a laugh I suggest you go and read enidd, if you want XXX rated stuff check out Emma but if mundane takes your fancy then stick with me.

1) I gave up tennis for three years from the age of nine to twelve years. I had worked hard for three years and finally reached the top squad when my coach turned into the biggest arsehole alive. He out me out against an older girl who was number one in the county, told me I was no longer allowed to use two hands on my backhand and criticised everything I did. I knew I would lose. I didn't mind loosing. I was thrilled to be in that group. I came home with my self confidence in tatters and announced that I was giving up tennis. My parents (who both play tennis, I grew up around tennis courts) took one look at my face and agreed. I'm very glad I took tennis back up three years later. I was then coached by the arsehole's son who was as good a coach as his father was bad. When I moved to Ireland I found life quite hard but when I joined a tennis club the following year it really helped me settle here.

2) I love singing but do not have one single note in my head. When I was six a teacher at school told me to mouth the words as my voice was so tuneless. I was mortified and spent the next 10 years mouthing instead of singing. It's so cruel how one remark or action from an adult can destroy our confidence. In sixth form I became good friends with a girl who was an equally bad singer but didn't care so we spent a few years bellowing out songs with out a care in the world.

3) Mum, when I was 13 and Dad had to collect me from school because I had run into someone and fallen, cracking my head open therefore needing stitches in my head, I hadn't just fallen. We were having piggyback fights at school (which had been banned the previous day) and I ended up on the losing team underneath three strapping teenagers.

4) I'm sure I've told you this before. When I was younger I couldn't cook. I burnt a pan boiling potatoes and put a plastic plate in an oven. I use to tell mum that I would live on cold baked beans out of a tin and cheese sandwiches when I went to university. I'm very glad I started cooking and love eating fresh, homemade food with my family.

5) When we were in Busch Gardens and it started to rain (we were in three groups) I arranged to meet Joules, Ben, Sam and Dillon at the outdoor shop and ran off to get Mum and Mollie. As we were running to the shop we noticed a ride with no queue on it so hopped on for one last go. We didn't realise quite how long our ride would be and quite how wet the others would get waiting for us. The ride was great fun and well worth the dirty looks we got!

6) I still have sports bras that are 11 years old. Sports bras are the most ugly item ever made but a necessity if you play sports. I hate paying out good money for something so ugly and practical. I have also discovered that cheap sports bras are not worth anything as the support they offer is non existent.

7) I've started a new hobby.

I'm now meant to tag seven people and for the life of me I can't remember everyone who has done this. I tag Sarah, Rachel, La Bella Mammina, Little Miss Moi, Lisa, Laurie and Frannie.


ChrisB said...

Beccy well I'm glad you've finally confessed. That's a pretty necklace, glad you're enjoying your new hobby, don't know how you are going to fit it in to your already busy schedule have they extended the day in Ireland!!

ChrisB said...

beccy meant to say you cheated on the photo we can't see enough of you to judge very crafty!

Yvonne said...

Great post! Love the necklace, you're really creative. Have no idea how you're able to blog, take up a hobby and raise two children, you must be superwoman.

(Didn't see much of you in the first thing in the morning photo?)

sallywrites said...

Pretty necklace! Great photo of you too.I certainly wouldn't do that one. Me first thing is NOT a pretty sight.

I bet you can sing really......... Silly teachers. Thank goodness you went back to tennis!!!

Keep singing Beccy! Good post.

Anonymous said...

Brave of you to take a photo that early. I caught sight of myself this morning in the mirror at the end of the bed and scared myself. I actually let out an involuntary "Wahh".

I looked like a restless someone had slept in ME while I slept restlessly in a bed designed to crease my face and mess my hair up in untold ways.

Thank the gods for hot showers!

Mr. X said...

Oh very good! This meme's getting some very interesting answers all over...

laurie said...

yikes! my first tag.
seven things..... hmmmm.... i'm pretty sure i can do this because i'm pretty sure there are only about seven things you DO know about me.
stay tuned.

and in return, i want that necklace!

Anonymous said...

enidd's with mr. x - there've been some fascinating answers. and you *were* only peaking, beccy!

Asha said...

I think I will stick with you Beccy!!;D
Nice morning eye there.I love your new hobby too!Great looking necklace.
Enjoy,see you on Monday:))

Sabrina said...

The necklace is gorgeous!!!
My second grade teacher told me I was "not creative". This has really haunted me all of my life. So glad you got back into tennis!!!

Sam said...

I am not so thrilled about the Busch gardens episode to this day.

frannie said...

love the necklace!!! what a great hobby. there are lots of shops around here where you can do things like that.

and I love that you jumped on a ride while people were standing in the rain waiting on you!

I'll work on this.

Anonymous said...

Great picture - I actually thought of doing that EXACT same thing myself (except I was just going to have one arm coming out from under the covers to hit the snooze button.

and OOOOH - lovely jewelry making. Very nice. That is the "hottest" hobby right now.

Anonymous said...

Great job with this!!! And I love the necklace too! Beautiful!

You and I have a lot in common, I was told by my seventh grade choir coach that I was ruining everything and should just mouth the words.

Emma in Canada said...

I too was just told to mouth the words. And of course my children tell me to stop singing too.

The piggy back one was hilarious! I broke my arm having a chicken fight once.

The necklace is absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love the necklace!

Ok, I will take up the challenge(s), though I haven't figured out how to use the timer on my camera!

laurie said...

ok, girl, i did the challenge. i moved it over to the dogblog, because things have been kinda quiet over there lately.

Anonymous said...

Oh Beccy, if it makes you feel better, I was frying potatoes one time, and completely burned the meal.
You've got quite a talent. The necklace and bracelet are beautiful.
I'm not sure I'm brave enougth to post a pic of myself first thing in the morning. Maybe after my first cup of coffee.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Unknown said...

Beccy, come out and be counted, you coward!!

my4kids said...

Beccy those are really pretty are you gonna send those with your flapjacks to your secret swap person?
I like the morning photo thats about all you would get out of me in a morning photo also.

Kila said...

I like the necklace and bracelet!

We were rained on at Busch Gardens, too. I think it rains every day there.

Tonya said...

total cheat on the photo.. lol Love the necklace!!

la bellina mammina said...

Brava on taking the photo! I have done one or two bracelets on my own too - but yours look so much nicer! I'll get working on the meme next week. Happy Mother's Day!

-Ann said...

Have you ever checked out the sports bras on Title 9 Sports? They are actually quite good and I don't think they're ugly at all. I know, I never thought I'd buy a bra online but over the year, I've bought 5 of them and have been happy with every one.

CPA Mom said...

wow, that necklace is BEAUTIFUL! Do you do commissioned work?

Anonymous said...

1) Ah ha! You HAVE posted pictures of your necklaces :) (and they're lovely!).

2) Very smart, very cute way to handle the "morning" picture...made me smile. Thanks for playing!

3) I'm ashamed to say I popped right over to Emma's site to see how Xrated she weren't kidding! (but a good lol).

4) I agree with you @ the power of words...they CAN hurt...sometimes for a lifetime :/.

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

See, when you get behind on reading blogs, you don't even know when you've been tagged!

By the way, the jewelry is awesome! I love it.

I will try to do this meme soon, maybe tomorrowish, lol!