Friday, February 16, 2007

Reply from Tesco

This was the response I recieved from Tesco after I emailed them asking them to read my open letter.

Dear Ms Breach

Thank you for your email addressed to Sir Terry Leahy, our Chief Executive. As Sir Terry is currently away from the office, I am responding on his behalf.

I was sorry to learn that you are unhappy with the service you received recently in one of our stores. Our aim is to offer the very best of service and it is most disappointing when a customer is unhappy with any aspect of our operations.

Unfortunately. we are unaware of the store concerned, as this has not been indicated in your email.

Therefore, we have not been given the opportunity to investigate your complaints and provide you with an proper explanation into these matters.

If you wish to write to Sir Terry Leahy, providing further information and your address details, I can assure you that you will receive a personal written response in due course, following an investigation into your concerns.

His address is:

Tesco House
Delamare Road
Waltham Cross

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at quoting TES3098034X.

Kind Regards

Tesco Customer Service Executive


Unknown said...

Beccy, typical big business, see previous post.

Anonymous said...

I hope they give you free groceries over this.

Anonymous said...

Do you think anything will happen as a result? I like Karmyn's idea.

Anonymous said...

Wow Beccy, you British always impress the hell out of me. That Tesco rep's command of the English language was just awe inspiring.

Us dumb old Aussie's would have said the same thing as he did but just not so eloquently, something along the lines of "fuck off you stupid bitch, we don't give a shit" you can quote me if you like.

Beccy said...

I know John, that's why I get so cross with them.

In my dreams I think Karmyn.

I doubt it Robin, but the customer service is so poor here I just want those at the top to know. The fact that my email wasn't read properly makes even madder.

I got the message fine Willowtree which is why I wrote staight back to her pointing out (nicely of course)the fact that I did include the information she claimed I didn't!

Steffi said...

That´s normally and typical business around the world....


Tonya said...

That is ridiculous.. I swear it does not get read at all!!

Beccy said...

I know Steffi but it still annoys me.

I agree Tonya but I will hound them until they do read it.

sallywrites said...