Friday, February 16, 2007

My reply to Tesco's email.

Dear Ms D

Thank you for your response to my email, unfortunately I see from your reply that you failed to read the open letter I had written on my blog as I requested through the link I provided in my email. I respectfully suggest that you read this open letter entitled 'Open letter to the manager of Tesco Ballybrack'. As you see this blog entry included the name of the store therefore I saw no need to repeat the information.Here is the link again:
I only added the other incidents to highlight the fact that the customer service provided by Tesco is less than one expects from a leading supermarket. It is disappointing to note that this response to my email shows that even the Tesco Customer Service Executive has failed the
customer. Is it any wonder the stores are severely lacking in customer service when members of their customer service team are unable to deal with a customer service query.

I shall write to Sir Terence Leahy with my concerns, including your failure to read all the information I enclosed but I would also like to know from you how you managed to miss the link and therefore the store name.

A very disillusioned customer


Emma in Canada said...

Oh, you are good. I would not wantto get on your bad side and receive a heavy dose of sarcasm.

Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

Dear beccy. Oh dear. Is there a Tesco alternative in your area? I think it's time for a new shop...

Sam said...

Beccy - I don't think if you write an official letter of complaint to someone it is a good idea to link it to your blog and expect the respondent to read the link. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe there are certain rules of etiquette to be followed.

The respondee had a good point - the pertinent info should all have been in the body of the email. For all you know they don't even have internet access in their office, many companies do not allow it.

Also I do not believe that blogs should be used as instruments of threat.

I believe this issue should be dealt with a little more privately. Did you ask permission to print her letter? The only times I have printed letters from people on my blog - I have asked the correspondent for permission first, it only seems like good manners to me.

Though I can think of future circumstances where I might be compelled to do what you have done, if someone annoyed me enough.

Unknown said...

What a cracking letter Beccy!

my4kids said...

I agree with Emma I wouldn't want to get on yor bad side :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! If they didn't have Internet access and couldn't access the link, they should have said so in their email back to you. Good for you for saying what you said! Power to the people!

Beccy said...

Emma, Mum helped me with the letter, I'm a muppet really.

Little Miss Moi, there is an alternative a bit further away which I use more, Tesco is very convinient for me when I've not much time.

Sam, I have tried dealing with Tesco through their complaints channels but they never responded to me so yes I am trying to shame them into a response. I have a huge catalogue of complaints some of which I highlighted in my first email to them, none of which has been dealt with.

I also believe that I have read letters and articles on your blog that have affected you. I am not threatening Tesco, I am trying to improve the lot of the customer.

Thanks John.

I'm not an ogre my4kids, honest!

Thanks catwoman you make me feel better!

Unknown said...

Just a thought Beccy. Try Watchdog.
These people can get serious results. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Corporate ineptitude, no big surprise for me. This is getting good - I'm enjoying the ongoing saga.

Beccy said...

John I think I'll give Tesco the chance to respond before I consider the Watchdog route but thanks for the idea.

Glad I'm entertaining you Mark!

sallywrites said...

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT BECCY. What a great put down. You have really shamed them. I can't wait for the next installment!!!!!