Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anyone for tennis?

Today was a good day. Played tennis, our team won 3-0 and we've only dropped one point out of nine. Unfortunately we are up against it next week playing a team of young 'uns from UCD (University College Dublin). The girl that plays on the number three pairing for UCD is the number one player in our club and would wipe any of us off the court in about 7 minutes! On the bright side we're playing at home so the tea will be good!


Steffi said...

Congratulation for your tennis team! :O)Nice to hear that you had a nice sunday!


ChrisB said...

Oh does that mean I get to have tea if I come and support you?

Anonymous said...

I can't play tennis in the slightest.

I'm embarrassingly bad at it.

Beccy said...

Thanks Steffi.

Yes Mum you can come and watch us get wiped off the court then you can have a delicious tea-I'm on dessert duty!

Ah Jenny, you're great at making me laugh!