Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh #5

If you are ever low on petrol it is not a good idea to park sideways on a slope with the petrol tank at the lower end of the slope and the petrol pump at the higher end of the slope. This might result in you having to wait for an hour on a cold Saturday morning for the AA to come and rescue you. You will not be a happy bunny, you will blame your husband who will not appreciate that and you will blow your healthy eating plan by eating a bagel bursting with sausages and egg for lunch followed by a treat size curly wurly.


ChrisB said...

ah will you never learn cars need food as well!!

Beccy said...

I will indeed mother and it had plenty, it was the slope that was the problem, if I had parked the other way around there would have been no problem.