Thursday, January 04, 2007

A girl guide is always prepared!

At least I thought so but maybe not today. I invited my friend Sally and her three children to lunch, along with a friend each of Dillon and Mollie's so I ended up feeding nine. I just about had enough chairs and crockery to feed nine which was a start. I made a big pot of potato and bacon soup. At least I thought it was a big pot until I began serving and realised that the four teenage boys were all adult size. Lucikly for me there was enough with not a drop to spare and plently of cocktail sausages and homemade bread to feast apon. The surprise hit was the carrot I had cut up to dip into homous, the homous was not so popular but I found myself cutting up more and more carrot as the girls nibbled faster than I could cut. To finish off lunch I had made chocolate muffins and Sally had made some rice krispie squares.

After lunch the boys went for a walk along Killiney beach, the girls played on the trampoline and Sally and I sat down for a good natter as we hadn't seen each other since before Christmas and had a lot to catch up on.


ChrisB said...

Glad you had a good time with Sally.

cookiecrumb said...

A meal for nine eaters? I can barely manage a meal for three. Nope, I remember now. I can't. I have to get my guests to help.
As you know.

Barbara said...

Happy New Year Beccy. Looks like Christmas with your folks was fun. We arrived home this morning. I'm afraid to unlock the suitcases - all that washing!

Tonya said...

Hi Beccy.. thanks for stopping by my blog! Sounds like alot of mouths to feed.. geez I think the would have gotten sandwiches if it was me.. lol but then I was never a girl guide ;)

Happy New year :)