Saturday, December 02, 2006

Child Free Saturday

Today has been very strange as I have spent it childless. Mollie and Ben have gone to Belfast with the Cubs and Beavers. Ben has been so excited about the trip, the highlight of being six was not the presents or the party but the fact that he could join Beavers in time for this trip. The main purpose of the trip is to visit the W5 then they are going bowling and stopping off at McDonald's on the way home. It will be a long day for them as they left at 7.45am and aren't due back until 9pm.

Dillon went sailing this morning and is spending the afternoon with friends as he 'hasn't had any me time for ages'.

Joules was meeting fellow students in college as they are working on a project with a deadline looming. I decided to go into town with Joules as I had a few Christmas things to get and wanted to return some trainers I'd bought for Dillon, (they're too black, evidently he likes some colour on his trainers whereas most of his clothes are black). Arranged to meet Joules at 2pm with view to having some lunch.

As I was walking to the shops I realised I'd left the trainers at home, now let me explain, Joules was asleep so I was pottering around, suddenly he was downstairs saying 'are we right then' meaning 'going now'. So I grabbed my bags and left only to find I didn't grab them all. I did remember the one I forgot yesterday with the dress I was swapping. This was a birthday present which I had tried on in the shop where it looked great. Unfortunately I didn't look side on and failed to notice the strange profile it gave me, weird shaped, pointy, droopy boobs. I was quite excited about exchanging this dress as I had spotted an unusual one yesterday. I took three different outfits in to try on, just to be sure to be sure. One was yucky, the next suited me and the third I fell in love with. Of course this was the most expensive and is very different to my usual look but I loved it. It was twice the price of the dress I was exchanging it with but I talked myself into it, firstly I haven't bought a Christmas outfit for years, I usually make do with any old thing from my wardrobe (many cast off by Sam); secondly I am possibly going to eight parties/meals/drinks in the next three weeks (usually I'm lucky to be going to three!); thirdly I still have money left from my birthday, well in theory anyway, the cash was spent that week on family things and the voucher soon followed suit so now I can say that I put some of that money towards the dress. Phew clear conscience. I also went back to Stock to look, no I mean feel the rolling pin. I'm not that sad I also bought something!

So back I went to meet Joules laden down with bags and feeling very hungry. He was pleased as his meeting went well and most of the work has been done. 'So' he said 'we're off for Christmas drinks, could be home soon or I may be really late'. This means he'll be really late unless everyone else goes home early. He deserves a drink or ten as he has been studying really hard and not been out much, unlike busy me. So home I came to some cheese on toast for lunch. The house has been cleaned, Ben's presents all tidied away and it feels very quiet here.


sallywrites said...

Wow! Belfast has changed a bit in the last seven years. No W5 when we were there. Isn't it weird when the house is so quiet and there is no-one around at the weekend. It's somehow different during the week isn't it?

Well done you for being so organised!


ChrisB said...

As you can see I am back when do I get to see the dress!!

Barbara said...

I love to be home alone during the day. Hate it at night though.

Sam said...

you are cracking me up Beccy with the description of your boobs in that dress.

Obviously mum is back - as I found out from reading this - she didn't send any notice of her return to me, I was checking my mail all day and wondering if I would hear from her.

I imagine it must be because she is busy preparing her food diary for me instead.

Sam said...

now i need to know if they made wallace & gromit models?

Emma in Canada said...

Oh, there is nothing I love more than a child free's the only time my house gets a proper cleaning. With a baby though I don't see one happening soon. I'd gladly take an hour though!

Beccy said...

I agree Sally, I'm used to the quiet during the week but love the hustle and bustle of family weekends.

Welcome back Mum. I guess you'll have to wait until Christmas.

I also hate being alone at night Barbara, I think that stems from my childhood when I used to insist on watching Dr Who then spent the programe behind the sofa and the night scared the daleks were after me!

I'd of cracked you up even more if you'd seen them Sam, the more I tried the dress on the more weird they looked.

Wallace and Gromit models of what? My boobs!

Emma I remember the bliss of having a quiet hour when the children were younger. You certainly have your hands full so I hope you get the odd hour or three to yourself, only spend it pampering yourself not cleaning that can wait!

Anonymous said...

Auntie Sam, you couldn't make them but you could see them

Sam said...

ah - on the website it said they would be letting you make your own ion Saturday Dec 2nd.

That's a shame.

Liar Pants on Fire website huh?

Beccy said...

Mollie wonders would they have done it with a smaller group, there were over 50 cubs and beavers, maybe too many to manage.