Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Sickly Ben

Just as the muffins were ready Ben turned a whiter shade of pale and announced he felt sick. I rushed to get a bucket but luckily it was not needed. His tummy feels better now but his head is still sore and he hopes there will be some muffins left for him to eat tomorrow.


ChrisB said...

Tell Ben he will soon have a nurse to look after him!! I also hope there will be muffins left when I arrive.

Beccy said...

Ben's feeling much better now, he ate his dinner and managed a muffin!

I doubt there will be any left by tomorrow let alone Tuesday evening but I can always make more.

Sam said...

feel better soon ben.

are mum and beccy going to be fighting over who gets to blog when tyou are sharing a computer next week?

Beccy said...

we'll have to wait and see about that Sam.