Thursday, November 02, 2006

On yer bike!

Awoke to another bright, sunny but chilly day! Dillon had an orthodontist appointment then it was home to clear up the Halloween decorations-much as I love putting up the decorations I also love to get them down immediately an event is over! Dillon was great helping me and lugging all the boxes back up to the attic.

Next we had to decide what to do on such a cheery day. Ben's choice won through so we loaded the bikes into the car and headed off to Marley Park. I enjoyed my brisk walk around the park and Ben chose a route we'd never been down before. We stumbled upon this:-

We have never seen it before and assume it is a sculpture although it looks uncared for. It was here that Ben fell into some holly and pricked his hands and bottom!

We continued our walk/cycle around the park and saw lots of ducks. As usual I forgot the bread. Well if I'm honest I didn't have any bread at home to bring but if I had I would have forgotten it!

We ended up in the playground, and Mollie and Ben had fun running around and climbing. Then it was time for a quick cycle around the BMX track. Next stop home for a cup of tea and a new cookie recipe to try out!


Anonymous said...

The business of taking down decorations as soon as the event is over is something you have inherited from your mother. each year when you go back to Ireland after Christmas she is taking down the lights and stuff as I am waving you off, bless her.Love

Beccy said...

I manage to keep my Christmas decorations up untill Jan 6th!

Asha said...

Beautiful place you have there! Lot of space to run around for kids,you are lucky.

They have plenty of candies to digest too!:))

ChrisB said...

Now that's not fair, however now I'm not at work I might surprise you all this year. Please tell Mollie boots are 'cool' I assume those are the new ones? Its good to have a strong helpmate icould do with dillon over here!

Beccy said...

We are very lucky FH we live close to lots of beautiful places including a 5 minute walk to the beach.

Mum we look forward to being surprised but I still don't think you would leave the Christmas decorations up that long!

Mollie bought the boots with her birthday money, yes she still has some left and has been treating herself to a few little things!

I think Dillon was exhausted after an hour helping out-he was back to being lazy in the afternoon!

Sam said...

i am such an old scrooge i dont have holiday decorations. Apart from my sparkly gay christmas merman but I let him stay up 24/7 12 months a year

Beccy said...

Hey Sam what about the Christmas fairies I gave you!