Sunday, October 29, 2006


So the clocks went back last night and we got an hour extra sleep-hurray!

I took Mollie and Ben swimming in the blue pool today. It was a fun swim which means that the pools are filled with toys, floats, rafts and balls. Mollie had great fun trying to stay upright on foam toy in the shape of a cotton reel and Ben spent most of his time on a float shaped like a frog which was his speedboat. We only had a minor panic at the end when we couldn't open our locker and I had visions of us going home soaking wet in our swimming togs. Luckily with one swift bang the pool attendent was able to rescue our clothes!

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ChrisB said...

That sounds like fun. Dad and I have again spent the day on the electral register forms. It was such a warm sunny day I walked every where (around Filton) so I got plenty of excercise. Dad was down at Severn Beach.