Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Friday Out

Feeling a bit better today, but did not a lot! Slept in then read in bed, a real luxury for me. Took Mollie and Ben to Cabinbteely Park for a walk and play and have just pigged out on Chinese meal.

Yesterday morning I went out with my friend Sally. Two weeks previously we'd been to Heatons and I had bought Ben a tracksuit for tennis. He wore it on Monday and I realised too late (when he was on the court), they were faulty ie the waist elastic had no elasticity. Poor Ben spent most of the lesson pulling up his trousers! Sally had bought some cream enamel storage pots and when she opened them at home they were baby pink! So back we went to Heatons in Wicklow town to change our goods and have a quick shop in Lidl where I picked up marzipan bars for Dillon and Mollie then it was definitely time for a coffee break. We chose our usual haunt of Avoca Handweavers in Kilmacanogue and as we were under pressure for time (Mollie and Ben were finishing school early) we skipped through the shop ignoring all the pretty gifts, sumptuous clothes, glittering jewelry, sparkling pans and yummy foodstuffs and headed straight for the cafe. Luckily we had missed the coach parties as they had left as we arrived and there was no queue so we headed straight for the coffee counter and ordered our peppermint tea, coffee and two fruit scones. We, or should I say I, devoured my scone as if I hadn't eaten in a week (well I was very hungry)! Not as delicious as last week at Marc Michels but very good with plenty of lovely, homemade raspberry jam. If you're ever in Ireland I highly recommend a trip to Avoca Handweavers to experience the food (lunch is very worthwhile) and the range of goods they sell, there is something there for everyone!


ChrisB said...

Becs glad you're feeling better and I hope Joules is as well. Mmmmm I love Avoca Handweavers. Now how many times can we go out for coffee when I visit next month. Hope you managed to change the track suit.

Barbara said...

Glad you are feeling better Beccy. Sounds like a nice outing without the children.

Beccy said...

I'm sure we can go out for coffee every day Mum.

It is nice to go out without children Barbara and have 'grown up' time.