Thursday, October 26, 2006


Experiment One

(1) Wear correct safety equipment.

(2) Collect all nessecary equipment.

(3) Fill test tube 3/4 full of water.

(4) Add pinch of salt.

(5) Shake well and repeat.

Result:-a solution!

Experiment Two

(1) Fill test tube half full with oil.

(2) Add vinegar.

Result:-vinegar sinks to the bottom of tube as it is heavier than the water.


ChrisB said...

Do I recognise that science kit? Ben you look like a real scientist doing that experiment.

Sam said...

so cute!

Hi Ben from America!

Beccy said...

You do indeed Mum, he's had lots of fun today with it.

Anonymous said...

A real Cool Dude, But was the solution pun Necessary!!! it was at least as bad as mine, Love

Beccy said...

It wasn't meant to be a pun Ben was learning from a book and that was the result of the experiment, Ben created a solution, no other way to word it!

Sam said...

all puns should proudly be taken credit for all the time. There is no pun that isn't necessary in my opinion.