Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Yet another beautiful sunny day, I don't think we've had rain for over a month which is amazing and they say the summer is going to be a good one, hurray because in the 13 years I've lived here I can only recall two hot summers so it's about time we had another one. I'm very busy today but I just wanted to ask:

Do you like getting a good surprise in the post?

If you do and are prepared to send out a parcel to another blogger hop over to Frannie to sign up for her community project. I can promise you, you won't be disappointed if you end up getting a parcel from me!

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago whilst I was walking on Catty Gallagher, one of the mountains in Wicklow. The camera settings were wrong and the pictures came out with a blueish hint but it is such a beautiful place I wanted to share it with you.

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P.S. I got the picture uploaded onto yesterdays post.


ChrisB said...

Lovely photos beccy, I forgot to advertise frannie's project so will go and add it

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Beccy!
Is that you dog?

Emma in Canada said...

You do realize that by posting these pictures you are making it quite likely that you could end up with visitors?

Emma in Canada said...

Forgot to say that i posted a picture of a box album.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say 'your' dog!

sallywrites said...

Oh that's so beautiful! And I think that I like the bluish hue too!!

Anonymous said...

lovely light in those photos, beccy!

Amy W said...

OOOOHHH, I hope you get my mailing address!!

my4kids said...

I like the pictures Beccy!
I hope you get me! I'd love to receive something from you.

Asha said...

Beautiful pics of nature Beccy.You are very lucky! The nearest for us is 200miles,Ashville which is gorgeous too.Have fun.
When they say "good Summer" here,that means 90F+ !!Not good!!;D

Tonya said...

aww the pictures are beautiful. It looks so nice and I LMAO at the pic in yesterdays post!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beccy!
Those really are some beautiful photos. I love Goody Swaps, sounds like FUN!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous - love the one of the dog looking out.

Unknown said...

Nice pics Beccy!

laurie said...

those are SO pretty. you live in a lovely place! you need rain to keep it green, but here's hoping it only rains at night and on days when you have be indoors anyway.

(we're in a bit of a drought here. i feel guilty enjoying it. but i do.)

la bellina mammina said...

the photos are gorgeous despite that..

Pamela said...

I was giggling at Lisa's "you dog"... but I knew what she meant

Do you suppose you were reflecting an alien light form in your pictures. ..... some of those little people maybe

Steffi said...

Very beautiful pictures again,Beccy!Yes,we need here rain too and had since March no rain here!My garden need rain!!
You have a own dog!So I can´t unfortunately never visit you ;O)!

I count me in at Frannie´s blog too!

Yvonne said...

Beautiful photos. Can't believe how nice the weather has been, roll on the long weekend!

Beccy said...

It was a nice day mum.

No Lisa, we only have goldfish.

That sounds good Emma...I think!

Sally and Enidd the blue kind of blocked out the sun light so it doesn't look as sunny as it was.

We'll have to wait and see Amy.

Terri I guess the luck is in the draw!

200 miles for some nature Asha, that's some way to go.

Tonya I'm glad I got that picture sorted otherwise it was kind of lame.

Thanks Christine.

It was a beautiful dog Karmyn and very friendly.

Thanks John.

Laurie, I don't feel too guilty about enjoying this weather because we get so much rain.

Thanks LBM

Pamela, I forgot about those little green men, I'll watch out for them next time!

Hellojed and it's meant to stay nice for us...yippee!