Saturday, March 03, 2007

Soup for Brains.

Spent the morning baking for a cake sale at church tomorrow. I was asked to make about 20 muffins but somehow got my numbers mixed up and baked 67. Why I confused the number 50 with 20 I'm not sure then I made a few extra for my family as they complain if I make things for the tennis club/school/church and not for them. Anyway it looks like we'll be dining on muffins for the next week.

Mollie was in a Girls Brigade competition today. Her team came second in a dance. They should have won first prize purely because they were the only team who actually smiled their way through the dance and gave it some giz, you know they really moved their bodies and danced, danced, danced! Who knows what the judge was looking for. You may think I'm bias but I'm not, she has entered many of these competitions and her teams have never been close to winning, there have always been much better teams but today was different they were excellent. An ex Girls Brigade leader explained that these results can be political, who your leader knows/what your leader said etc which is a shame because it should be based on the work of the team. On a brighter note Mollie came second (out of about 50 girls) in an individual Drill Down competition. The girl who won was about 15 and Mollie was thrilled to come second.


Anonymous said...

Muffins are awesome, just avoid the Muffin Top.

Well done to Mollie! That's really crap about the politics.

ChrisB said...

Mollie you're brilliant well done xxx

Sidetracked Home Executive said...

Yay for Mollie!! Well Done :o)

Anonymous said...

Good job Mollie! Too bad politics has to play a role. Always the dang politics. Shame on adults.

Beccy said...

LOL Mark, great link, I'll look at it when I'm tempted by the second (or third) muffin!

Mum and Sam, Mollie was so thrilled to come second, usually she's out straight away.

Karmyn it's such a shame when politics are involved in a children's competition.

Barbara said...

How could you confuse 20 with 50? Well done Mollie.

Beccy said...

Quite easily it seems Barbara. I was asked to bake enough muffins to make €20. So I figured if they sold each muffin for €1 I would need to make 20. My recipe is for 12-15 muffins so all I had to do was double the mixture.

Then I decided to make two different flavours, chocolate muffins with white chocolate chips and plain muffins with milk chocolate chips.

Then I doubled the quantity of both mixtures and somehow was planning for 50 muffins.

I've packed them all up, hopefully there will be a good turnout and they will all sell. Unfortunately it is lashing rain so some people may stay at home!

sallywrites said...

Well done Mollie!!!