Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy 14th Birthday Dillon.

Those of you who know me well know that I do indeed have three children, those who don't know me quite so well may be surprised to learn that I have a son who is taller than me and speaks with the deep gravelly voice of a man, (very scary). The reason very few photographs of Dillon are posted here is because he hates having his picture taken. He recently upset his Grandma when he refused to let her take a picture of him. I understand his reluctance, teenage angst and all that, I mean you should have seen me as a teenager although it's good that you didn't as it was not a pretty site but it is a shame because the main reason I started this blog was to keep in touch with Mum and Sam and to keep them updated with the daily trivialities of our Irish life. Mum and I manage to see each other about four times a year for anything between one week and three/four weeks but I am lucky if I see Sam once a year. I saw her last June in New York but it has been 18 months since she saw the children.

Back to the birthday boy, he is very artistic, if you check out his blog you can see some of his computer produced artwork and he has recently started taking a lot of photographs which he digitally alters. He has also been taking the self portraits which I am allowed to post.

The collage below are photos taken since we've had a digital camera and back in the days when Dillon didn't mind having his photo taken.

Postscript: Mum had just posted with more pictures of a much younger Dillon (she has a scanner).


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Dillon! Wow, I can't even imagine what it'll be like to be the mom of a teenage boy! Although, it's more the teenage girl that I'm worried about.

frannie said...

Happy Birthday to your oldest!

and, seriously, you look 25- did you have him when you were 11????

Anonymous said...

Man, he is a gorgeous guy! If the girls haven't fallen for his good looks and artistic side yet, they'll be lining up soon enough!

Oh those horrible teenage years... May he survive them somewhat unscathed...

ChrisB said...

Dillon will be the subject of my post but it won't be posted until this evening.
Don't remind me of your teenage years that's a period I woud rather forget.

Anonymous said...

happy bday

great pictures

AfKaP said...

What a fantastic image that first one is!! Absolutely wonderful! Good job!

Beccy said...

Lisa I find I understand my daughter far better whether that's because we're so alike or because we're both female I don't know.

Frannie you are wonderful and have made my day (just add another 12 years to your guess)!

Thanks Catwoman, we have good days and not so good days but that is to be expected.

Looking forward to reading your post Mum.

Thanks Vicki.

TAFKAP Dillon will be pleased with your praises.

Amy W said...

Love the pictures, he's done a good job with them.

Steffi said...

Happy birthday to Dillon´s 14th !!
Great pictures!!!
Now you see the time go so quick away and you have a teenager at home!I know...that´s sometimes a difficult life.(My daughters are 11 and 17).


P.S. Beccy,my new labels are for my selfmade clothes...

my4kids said...

Happy birthday to Dillon! He's a very good looking boy. I like the pictures he did a great job.
Beccy I fear my oldest is on the verge of not allowing me to take his pictures either. He hides away when I try beneith his baseball cap or hood on his sweatshirt. And he's only turning 12.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Dillon. Am going to take time to visit his blog later today. Love the collage. Also, love it that the reason you started your blog was to keep your family updated with the daily trivialities of your life. I, too, post things that probably only my family cares about, but find that my blog buddies enjoy those posts, too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Dillon -

And if you would please tell him this: I hated myself and my pictures at the same age - but now that I am older (and yes, this IS TRUE) - I regret not having more pictures of me from back then.

Sam said...

14 years ago seems like yesterday.
I miss my nephew.
I haven't called him today on purpose - i thought at his age he would probably be out, so i sent him some sms messages instead.

I hope his present arrived.
I found him another present at the weekend - stumbled across something I thought (hope) he might like so tell him to look out for that as well, but I probably wont be able to mail it til the weekend. SOmething for him to look forward to.


M@ said...

I love it when bloggers grow up and have children who become bloggers.

The circle of life is complete.

Asha said...

Happy birthday to Dillon!:))
WOW!! They grow up so fast ,aren't they? My 12 yr son is already up to my ear!:D
Hope he has a wonderful day oday,I am off to check his blog!

Beccy said...

Thanks Amy, he enjoying all the compliments.

Steffi, they sure do grow up fast. I thought the labels mey be for your clothes, they are brilliant.

Terri, it's been on the cards for the last few years. I got lots of pictures today when he was opening presents.

I agree swampy maybe we're all just nosey, mum would say interested!

Karmyn I've told him that, he just doesn't agree with me.

Sam no present yet, it usually takes a week or two so he'll have something to look forward to. I only ordered his from us yesterday (despite asking him for the last month) so he's lots of pressies to come. He'd love to talk to his aunt.

Matt two of my three children blog but very periodically to the chagrin of my family.

Thanks Asha, time certainly flies with children.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Dillon. Thanks for voting for me in your mums riddle. I loved the prizes.

frannie said...

so I was just thinking.... you were saying that you don't get to see Sam often--- why not meet in the middle? Hey! Isn't Atlanta kind of in the middle??? And my house is in Atlanta! you could meet here. and if I just happen to have the ingredients for flapjacks, y'all could have some sort of bake-off or something. I would reluctantly judge if you wanted me to.

just a thought... :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Dillon from Winchester!

I just checked out his site and your Mum's site. It must be great to have the whole family involved. Can I suggest that you have a "Family Blog" where you all post on the same page? I tried to start one with my sister, but she doesn't think it would be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday dillon! ahh, 14 is such a fun age, i've got one heading in that direction as well. i think the first one is the most difficult, the next ones will have it easier....or not ;)
and happy 14 yrs mum beccy!! :)

cookiecrumb said...

I like Dillon's self-portraits very much.
Very much.
Happy birthday, kid.

Beccy said...

I claim the taste in choosing the prizes John! (Hmmm or do I).

Frannie you are the best!

Wendy, thanks for dropping by, my daughter and sister also blog but our blogs are all so different I think there could be artistic conflict if we joined forces. Nice idea.

I hope so Elena Jane.

Cookie you're swelling his head!

sallywrites said...

Happy Birthday Dillon!