Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Poohy Riddle.

We're rather puzzled.

Today we went for a family walk from Bray to Greystones.

We parked near Bray train station and walked along the sea front to the coastal path.

Dillon, Mollie and Ben played as we walked.

Just as we reached the coast path I noticed that Ben had dog pooh in his hair.

Yes you read that right.

You know the hair on the back of your head, where babies rub away their hair when they are tiny. Ben's hair there was covered in pooh.

There was no pooh on his hands, clothes or shoes.

How did he manage to get pooh there and only there?

We're flummoxed.

What do you think.


Unknown said...

Check the rest of the tribe, he may have been stitched up. Or you have flying dogs over there!

M@ said...

Reminds me of the time I found a big piece of dog crap on the hood of my car.

How the dog got up there to take a crap--and WHY--I'll never know.

Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

Dear beccy. Either it was projectile poo (dangerous!). Or... Ben settled down on a poo pillow for a micro nap while you weren't looking. Very strange indeed.

my4kids said...

I have no idea how that could happen but I have realized with my own boys that strange things like that happen to them like finding poo on the inside of Joshua's shirt before and how he didn't notice the smell and didn't have it anywhere else and had his shirt on all day, hmmm boys. They are just talented that way! Projectile poo haha that is funny though

Asha said...

I know! He must have done a cart wheel right on the poop as we call it here!! or a head stand over it!!

Oh Beccy!! You gave me a stomach ache and made me spill my coffee!LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I suspect a talented sibling either threw it on him - OR - perhaps a Seagull did it.

ChrisB said...

I was thinking on the same lines as karmyn was it with a little help from his big brother or maybe you didn't notice him fall over and hit his head in doggy doos. maybe there was a stalker lobbing poo misiles!!

Sam said...

how do you know it was dog?
Did you taste it?

Anonymous said...

How tall is he? Could a passing dog have rubbed his arse surreptitiously on his head?

Beccy said...

Everyonse else was clean as a whistle John.

Hey Matt meybe it was the same dog who got Ben!

Could be the micro nap miss moi, he was playing a stealth like game trying to catch Dillon at one point.

Glad it doesn't only happen to me my4kids.

Glad I amused you Asha, I was the one who had to wash it out with a bottle of water, the others were all for getting it off with a leaf!

Siblings hands were all clean Karmyn, definitely wasn't seagull poop!

It was strange how it was so neatly in one place Mum and hadn't been rubbed in like he was lying on it.

I don't think I could differentiate pooh through taste as I have never tasted any Sam, maybe you have. It looked like the pooh you find in streets and walkways all over Ireland and I only assume these are from dogs not people. I certainly see dogs pooping on the streets but not humans or cats. The Irish aren't the best at cleaning up after their dogs but then that could be another post.

Beccy said...

I sure hope not fatman!

He is quite tall and old enough to know if a large dog used him as toilet paper.

frannie said...

that's some crazy sh*t! :)

Anonymous said...

He must have rolled in it, like a dog? Or someone else planted it there, such as an older brother. Hard to say with boys!

enidd said...

enid wonders if stalin has bought himself a ticket to dublin for the weekend, beccy. because she wasn't feeling up to walking outside in -10 degrees, she let him on the balcony to do what a dog must do. only he cocked his leg at the "fence" and weed into mid-air. enid feels sorry for whoever it landed on 7 stories below.

she doesn't think he's done poo yet, but she bets he's planning how.

Beccy said...

Sure was Frannie.

I hope it wasn't planted momto4cubs!

Ah Enid, you've solved the mystery, hope Stalin enjoyed his weekend in Dublin, hope you're feeling better.

sallywrites said...

I dread to think!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I think there was a dog in a tree, waiting for an unsuspecting human.....