Friday, February 02, 2007

Open Letter to Sam

Dear Sam,

We just want to thank you so much for the Wii which arrived last night at 7.30pm. Ben was allowed to stay up whilst Dillon set it up and was the first to play tennis. When Mollie got home late from Girls Brigade she was also allowed to stay up for an extra half an hour to play. Beccy and Joules finally got to play when all the children were safely snuggled up in bed. As the children were allowed to stay up late to play they promised there would be no grumpiness today.

As promised your niece and nephews awoke jolly and happy, (Ben woke up early so he managed a quick play before school). The wii is very popular but most of us are good at sharing.

Perhaps we shouldn't tell you that Beccy has hit and nearly broken the light four times; that Beccy nearly punched a hole through the wall when chasing a ball; that Beccy keeps running into her children trying to get to the ball; that Beccy walloped Ben very hard on the elbow when hitting a ball (Ben burst into tears, Beccy felt terrible put down her controller and swept Ben up in her arms to soothe him, Ben continued to cry and call Beccy names whilst playing the game and therefore winning); that Dillon started punching the furniture when he lost to Ben and that Ben starting hitting Mollie and Beccy when he lost.

Beccy has a sore thumb (from when it connected with the light at full speed) and loves the Wii.

Dillon loves the Wii.

Mollie loves the Wii.

Ben really loves the Wii.

Joules loves the Wii but is not sure he likes the amount of tennis being played.

Perhaps next year you could give us a larger room so Beccy stops hurting herself!

Thanks Sam, we love you.

Love from

Beccy, Joules, Dillon, Mollie and Ben



john.g. said...

Beccy, i know how you feel. My sisters kids got one on Christmas Day, broken bulbs, wrecked tree, you name it. That was just playing golf! They are good fun though, shame i can`t use it.

Beccy said...

Thankfully I've not broken anything ...yet, John!

Sam said...

you made me cry at work.

so sweet of you all, thanks.

I wasnt sure if you had 2 controllers. but clearly yes

I have beaten, I mean annihilated Fred at wii tennis twice this week so far.

did you know it can connect to the internet through wifi too - its really cool

and have you all made your miis?

Beccy said...

Ah Sam, we didn't want to make you cry although Dillon nearly wet himself laughing at this post!

Definitely two controllers, it is soooo much fun. Haven't found how to test my sport age yet.

I knew you could connect to the internet at the moment we have wifi turned off and it was trying to connect via our neighbours. Joules will turn wifi on, does that mean I can play tennis against you? That would be fun.

Mollie is brilliant at bowling, triple strikes etc.

Dillon, Mollie, Ben and I have all made our miis.

ChrisB said...

This is so funny made me laugh imagining it. I can't wait to have a game of tennis when I come over. But I bet I will be useless and you will all have had so much practise. Ben will love beating me.

Sam said...

ps i have a nabaztag too - you'll all be wanting one of those next

Barbara said...

Can Sam be my sister please. First a Kitchen Aid, now this.

Emma in Canada said...

Here is a gaming system I wouldn't mind my kids having, there seems to be an actual workout involved. Although my friend's niece had her nose broken by her brother while playing on Christmas Day!

Beccy said...

It's great fun Mum!

Sam I had to do a google search to find out what a nabaztag is.

Do you and Fred have one each?

They look fun.

Aren't we very lucky Barbara.

Emma I certainly get a good workout, Joules can play it sitting on the sofa!

ChrisB said...

sam nabaztag??????

emma that sounds nasty, this grandma can expect some frantic phone calls then !!

mark said...

This was great! Looks like the Wii is as much fun as it is touted to be. Now I want a nabaztag.

Beccy said...

Mum, go and search it on google looks great fun.

Mark, I agree, I want one too!